Blunt damage range of Bladestorm doesn't match Bladestorm range

As title says the range of blunt damage of Bladestorm is different from the range of the bladestorm itself. It should follow the range of Bladestorm every time you forge it! 

Going by flare’s thought process I’d say the reason for this is the difference in damage. Blunt does more damage so it gets less range. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that’s the way it should be lol

blunt does same amount of damage as other damage types.

its just more damage against structures / other that is weak to blunt.

Also flare has been fixing other spells to have their secondary effects range meet main spell, like SR stun, so they might do the same for this once notified / get around to it.

@FTB ?


Thank you for the feedback we will fix this as soon as possible :slight_smile: