Bomb aura ring ?

I forge 2 ring of bomb aura pro items  to get SK ? perk on one of them, total forge 30 times!!! Spent 1500 gems!!! All the time i get this life drain or xp, is it normal? Of just bad luck? Or flare scam? 

I also forged two rings, one I got life drain once and two times xp gear. The other attempts gave me troop boosts.

I was very fortunate with the second ring, I forged that aura first up to 3.0 range and on first attempt I found skull perk.

The biggest odds are to find either XP or life drain (20% for both). Here is what flare should do. A perk that is removed, should never return in the list of that item, a player removed it for a reason and already payed gems for it, so it’s not done giving that stat again. Still you could be very unfortunate, but at least then you would know that it costs you max x gems. 

1500 gems… :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s indeed ridiculous and a total waste of gems. And all caused by this casino element inside the game. Some get it pretty fast, while others keep spending gems and are unfortunate all the time. I personally think you are correct and this is just unacceptable. 500 gems should be max before getting a perk you want. 

Like I said, you paid 50 gems to remove a certain kind of perk from an item, that perk should not be offered again. I know you want the skull perk on that item, it helps a lot during war season. Without that perk, my hero plus troops would be toasted several times, now I could just use wolf, ogre plus knights and win raids I should have lost instead. 

Bad luck, obviously. What’s the surprise?

You KNOW that it’s all about luck. Sometimes you get it at first try and sometimes you have to forge to +20.


Why did you forge 2 different rings? Please tell me you didn’t waste crystals on two rings…


Let’s say you have a bomb aura ring and you have reperked it several times for skull perk.

Then you got lucky and found yourself the pro healing ring. After reperking you get the skull perk on it.

You decide to take the healing ring from that moment on & give the bomb aura ring a different purpose.

If you are unable to get perks back again you once removed, the bomb aura ring might be wasted.

It’s normal, you just got bad luck.

I did… 

i took 14 forgings to get SB on bomb kick aura.

I already have the heal aura ring and I definitely would not build skull gear on that, but I get your point. As soon as a better item appears on something, you can remove the stat and try to get another stat for a different purpose, like Farm, XP or whatever you are interested in. 

I know that after removing a certain perk you could decide to remove and forge it again to get a perk you already removed.

If you feel that belongs to the possibilities that you want to remove the skull perk later, buy 2 rings instead and keep one in reserve as long as that reset option isn’t available, in case they would do what I suggested. It’s not done to let some forge an eternity and constantly fail to get a certain stat, while others (including me on this particular situation) get it within a few tries. 

That’s what’s happening now, you remove a perk and forge. You most times get a perk you don’t want. This is frustrating especially when you keep getting perks you already removed a couple of times. Use more gems and try again and hope for the best. Unfortunately this is the situation that @SPARTECUS the GREAT is facing. 

Why forge 2 similar rings? It’s obvious, you don’t want to wait 7 days after another failure forge. By forging 2 rings, you definitely gain time. With two lottery tickets, you also have higher odds to win a price. 6% chance on skull perks should be average of 16-17 attempts before getting that skull perk. Say you are unfortunate, then it costs more attempts. I think skipping cool down all the time would be very costly. And trying for months before actually getting it would also be absurd. Most players aren’t trying for months before being rewarded to get a certain stat. 

In this case, some unfortunate ones could wait till summertime before they have it. By that time a better ring could already be available. 

You can’t buy 2 rings. That’s one of the dumbest possible use of crystals. You can’t waste crystals like that.

Crystals must only be used to buy exceptionaly good and rare items (there’s only 2 that fit that description: healing aura and bomb kicking aura rings) and good pals. Other than that, crystals must absolutely be saved up to buy Febes to donate to your alliance (or any other good defensive pro pal).


I get that you’re upset because you didn’t get the perk you wanted, but it’s just a matter of luck. Getting that perfect item for your war gear takes effort, time, gems and patience. There’s just no other way around it.

I did buy two bomb aura rings. Is it a waste? On high alliances probably yes, saving crystals for donating pals could be a must, for my team however it’s not. It’s from which point of view you look to the situation. In top teams participating pro league is a must, in my team it isn’t.

For the record, I already have that kickback aura skull ring and I have no reason to be upset, maybe Spartecus is.  

Can there be done something about reforging perks? I for example have a heal ring with very high  heal stats. I remove the ice perk and forge. It gives me xp, I wait for cool down, remove the xp for 50 gems and forge. Arblaster stat… Wait for cool down, pay 50 gems for removing the arblaster stat and get… xp stat once again!

Really? This stat I removed already, the odds that I am interested in getting xp is zero and I already paid gems to get that removed. I know we don’t get previous stat, but this is not done. Returning a stat that already was removed.

My suggestion is to give us the option to totally remove a stat that we removed for 50 gems from an item. That way we don’t get confronted with same stat again and again. And it’s at least then another step closer to getting the perk we are looking for.

Yes, I know that there is a heal aura ring in festival, but to compare. My heal ring has 118.7% heal aura and my skull ring has 6.45% skull perk. The festival aura ring has 33.7% heal aura and 6.0% skull. The one from festival needs 80+ forges to get even close to my current heal stats and 40+ forges to get even close to current skull percentage.

We pay gems for removing a stat and a chance to get the perk of our choice. So at least I would appreciate it when a perk we already got once and removed for gems, should not be given when we pay gems again and try to get the perk of our choice.


you have the solution running currently

right now is BS event, cooldown costs just 121 gems…what are you waiting for???

please not!!!

withall the nerfing you never know whats important next week

so maybe you don’t need i.e. ice dmg right now, but some time it could be a must!

If that’s the case, then just let the player decide by either reset the items or not by a button that resets them (a confirmation is required). In my situation I am looking for a skull perk. If I want ice, I never remove a skull perk in the hope to find that. I will always go for another item in that case. Most important set is to get a powerful skull set, so most who remove a stat from an item like heal ring, will be looking for skull perk.

I don’t think that flare will nerf soon. Having said that, if we need ice, blizzard ring would be important, not an ice stat.

The bomb ring is a very powerful ring…FG might nerf it to one bomb kick per second…Or even less. 

I spent 3k gems to find sp+hero speed in one cape, 3 in rotation…I found it in a 4th one at the first attempt…

Meanwhile Bomb aura ring sp at 1st attempt, heal aura ring sp at 5th…

…it’s all shamefully random…

An idea could be: do you wanna try? 50 gems, do you want to select which one? 1k gems…at least you can invest or try the gamble…

Wow, that’s some real bad luck, uh.

My bomb kick aura ring got skull bonus perk on first attempt ?

But hey, why are you spending so much on a bomb kick aura?? I thought heal aura was the current OP one.