Bomb kick aura

Should I go for it?? Is it really worthy???

i’m using it with my main raid set and it do the work it keeps every bomb away in the range of the aura so yeah it is , but you have 2 options this ring or chloris ring  they both are the best rings 

Mostly useful against bases with lots of bomb and skull towers when you are using squishy units like archers, dragomancer or dracofrsoter. Has the downside that you have to stay near your army frequently to protect it.

Yes, it’s really good.

The healing aura ring is better in my opinion.

Buy both rings and test them. If you only have crystals for one, buy the healing aura ring.

I already have heal aura… 

Is there any need to forge the bomb kick aura. Or is it pretty good???

there is no need. it works well from 3%+. I use it in war and in ordinary raids with wok

heal aura for dragons

Wow! With skull perk ?

I also have this kickback aura ring with wok and 6.5% skull bonus. Having said that, when you face phoebe beast in defense, you better have heal aura ring to protect hero and troops, otherwise you need a healing pal like panda or irmgard, instead of Ceres.

Is bomb kick aura effective against strong defenses??

Without a doubt.

1 insta monk could be enough.

If you use the time warp scroll OR a well timed toxic cloud you can even kill Phoebe fast enough, before it casts an Armageddon on your army. Sometimes you can even make Phoebe waste it’s Armageddon without nailing your army too.


I prefer the healing aura ring tho. I feel it is less dependant on insta troops.

Yes it is, but it neutralizes skull plus bomb towers mainly for troops nearby hero. And of course projectiles from doom gate. 

Having said that, it’s main problem is not healing hero and troops. So walking under frost or snake towers can be a problem. That’s why a healing source like monks, tammy, irmgard or heal spell is required when you face beasts like phoebe.

Exactly for that reason I try to forge my heal ring into a skull gear one. So far no success, but I have time.