Bonus Chest Bug

Since updating to IOS 12.2 on my Ipad I have been unable to exit out of ads watched to earn bonus chests. Have to reset the game and start again.

The “X” button in the top right hand corner of the screen which comes on once you have watched the ad simply does not work - no response despite repeated pressing. Other functions (like “Get” - which takes you to the relevant game on the App Store) work fine. :frowning:

I have experienced that part of missing the “x” a couple of times on my second device (galaxy)… it might be an ad problem. Are you experiencing it 100% of the time, or from time to time? 

The “X” is not “missing” - it simply does not close the screen when pressed. And it is 100% of the time - but only inside the Olympus Rising App - other apps where I look at ads are not affected. It’s not an ad problem - it’s a problem of how Olympus Rising loads or deals with the ads I suspect. And it’s quite recent only since upgrading my IOS the other day.

But update - this time an ad that was not for a game but the wish application - worked. So my guess is it’spossible the ad software?