Bonus chests not received

I don’t know if there is another post about this one in which case i apologize.However is from yesterday that free treasure chest doesn’work: i open 2/3 free treasure chest/day and one of this one( about half day in the afternoon) doesn’t appear after advertising video.
 anyone else?

Hello Anthares,

Thank you for your report!

We are aware of the issue and we are already looking into it, thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

thank you so much Aether.

When I am missing free chests I simply click a few times on the “collect all” button. Then the chests appear.

done the collect things but still doesn’t work! if you open 2/3 fre chest/day 1-3 works and 2 missing!

Me and my Alliance members have the same issue. Watched 4 videos over the past 2 days without receiving chests.

Don’t worry! Already known this one! developers are working to resolve it! read Aether message( 2nd message).

No video today for me… And I check often… Anyone else have same problem…? Maybe developers work on it and they stop the chest for some time…?

Hello there,

We are indeed aware of issues regarding the videos, and are currently working on fixing it.

Sorry for any troubles caused in the meantime, please be patient!

Thank you for your understanding.

The issue was fixed for a short time, but now it is happening again. Watching ads does not give any reward.

Working fine for me since last update. Sorry for you …  :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey there, 

Could you please let us know your exact ingame username, and the device and OS version you are using? 

Do you remember which video did you watch at this time? If you have a rough date and time for it as well, it would be awesome! 

Sorry for the troubles. 

I have the same problem


I am playing the game on android 6 on HTC one M8. I receive movies to see in order to get bonus chests. I see the movies, I close them, I get message in game that “your reward will be delivered soon” BUT I never receive the bonus chests. Please fix this as I missed till now 8 bonus chests!

Hello DustStorm,

Could you please let us know which videos have this issue?

Also, did you try to collect the resources on the tribute screen after watching the video? It might help getting the chest.

I am having the same problem since yesterday. I have watched 4-5 videos in that time and none have given a chest. I recall watching a “God of War” video. I do not remember the others. Collecting tribute resources, closing the game, force stop, clearing cache have all been unhelpful. 

Guys this problem is not new. For 5 days we are reporting and only reply is which videos… just stop watching and forget about bonus chest.

Now is working. I received last 2 bonus chests… Same video as last 3 that didn’t worked, now worked 2 times.

I have lost about 5 videos already. never receive chests. video including TaiJI panda, mobile strike, and god of war

Dominations seems to be frakked too…and Alyseas PM must be broken, no reply to the last 2 i sent…