Bonus Chests

My alliance team members often talk about BONUS CHESTS. I’ve been playing the Windows version (both phone and Windows 10 PC) for almost a year and have never seen a “bonus chest” which can appear up to four times a day. Where are these located and how do I access them?

You need to acess the game through some Android device or ios to get the option of viewing bonus chests.

Then you can watch some advertisement.


Will they be doing that for Windows? I’d really like to get bonus chests. What’s in the bonus chests that I’m missing out on?

As of right now the windows protocol does not support them. It’s a Microsoft thing not a  flare thing. 

The contain ambrosia and gold. 

At least I’m not missing out on gems! 

Well… you know what happens to resource chests when you have full resources, right?

i mean, no, OF COURSE you’re not missing out on gems! That would be ridiculous!


How many chests do you usually get a day with this option? Maybe I can get an old iPhone or Android phone a friend no longer needs and log in with that…

If you log in a lot maybe 5? It probably depends on what country you’re in too

No wonder I’m having trouble keeping my celestial boosts active! With some bonus chests each day I’m sure it would be EASY to keep my celestial boots constantly active. *sigh

It’s only a couple of gems in the chests and only if your gold and ambrosia are completely full. 

Join any titan league team or league of gods team.

Alliance hopping is common nowdays???

But do so after a season is over 

On average, I have at least 100 gems per day from bonus chests.

Last year, when I used to play a lot more, I managed to get 8 free Video Ads max.

Nowadays 4-5 seems to be the right average.

I could so do with an extra 100 gems a day! Shame it’s not an option for Windows phones / PCs (as I play both on my phone and on my Windows 10 PC). Any chance it will be added to at least the Windows 10 platform @CaptainMorgan?

The answer is NO.

I shared this link (explanation from CaptainMorgan) many times before:


Thanks. What’s RR1 and RR2? I got OR = Olympic Rising.

Royal Revolt I & II, the other popular game from FG.