Bonus fury or points for teams being multi attacked

I know this is an old subject that’s been done a lot, but I just want to add to it.
My team has just been promoted to the Titan League, first war, obviously we are getting attacked 3v1, big shock!
We don’t care, we think it’s pathetic, but it would be really nice if flare could address this issue asap and give teams being attacked by many others bonus fury or bonus points, maybe a multiplier that varies depending on how many island they are dealing with?
The war is less than a day old and we currently have 6 open Islands,( just had 3 finish) once the 3rd team has been given it’s path to us (by the weakest team on the map), there will be all 3 attacking us.
They must be very proud.
So please @CaptainMorgan, could you make this a priority as it’s hardly surprising hardly no teams want to get promoted to the Titan League with the level of back scratching that happens.

I gave many suggestions many months ago, about additional fury, additional defence teams, champions etc, % modifiers for multi defence strikes that an alliance has to deal with. I understand that some thing will be brought in to deal to an extent with the ganging thing, to what extent is anyone guess.
TL is very dull by comparison to GL and only being very ‘friendly’ helps an alliance survive. You know exactly what you’re getting normally. Need to expand TL and have it more parallel to RR2 war system. Our one is so bad compared to that. Agree with you.

I don’t know why I can’t like your post, I do agree 100%.
A more competitive war would be more for both the victims and the perpetrators of the 3vs1 wars.
The 3rd war is way too decisive and a day too long but some kind of help to the team being doubleteamed would make it a little better.

Maybe its time to bring back faster fury regen

How could you be 3on1 yet? Ok I see it in your post. It looks like the 3rd team is coming in. They might or might not though.

Oh they are! We mapped out how it would go within an hour of the war starting, they are certainly predictable.

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If they decide to do that, they have to make more fury available. The 20-24h regen feature is whats keeping players in the game. It was too demanding to be like 9-12 hours.

I don’t know who’s coming for you but starting on a 2 when you’re facing a weaker but still unknown enemy isn’t dumb, it’s probably the right move.

Did you get 3-on-1’d?

I’m sorry they gave you this welcome … But unfortunately for now in the titan league there is a cartel made up of 7 alliances of 12 that exchange islands and promote this babygang behavior … I gave my vote to your post because I think you are right. FG should give the opportunity to defend themselves to those who receive 3 vs 1 and 2 vs 1 … otherwise it is like playing a 50 vs 150 game … a bit ridiculous and boring on all sides. I hope they can solve this problem soon also because these false victories and defeats have destroyed one of the most beautiful events that this game had … The wars.


This is something we will prioritise, yes. If we feel it will take too long to create a more user-friendly version of the Fury bonus, we will activate the old version (after testing and fixes) in the interim. It will be announced when more information or a timescale is available.


Closing to free up votes.

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