Bonus of you have defeated a beast

I have an idea for a new feature when defeating a beast because some bases with a beast are very hard to win. So I want to get a bonus for defeating a beast like an uber chest or pro chest (or any other kind of chest) or a money bonus, which is related to the level of the beast. I mean that the bonus grows with the level of the beast. If you have defeated a pro beast (ceres beast, phoebe beast,…) the bonus would be higher as by normal beast (tammy beast, aska beast, archimedes beast,…). For example it could be a pro chest for a pro beast and an uber chest for a normal beast (or more money for a pro beast than for a normal beast). 


Example: You defeated the ceres beast, you get a pro chest or 1000 money and for the tammy beast you get an uber chest or 500 money. 

Wow… A pro-chest every time I defeated a pro-beast…

I can already imagine the farming…  :wink:

Ok, now seriously: Yes, but not with a chest kind of reward, that would be too OP.


If you gave like 100k or even 200k XP or just 100k extra gold?

That would probably make things interesting, without going too overboard. 

500k pal food.

That can be also a bonus for defeating a beast, but for pro beasts more pal food than normal beasts. 

Esta bien la idea, pero imaginate a las multicuentas; poniendo un camino directo a la puerta del castillo sin tropas ni torres, con solo una bestia.

Lo conveniente seria, que por bestia derrotada dieran un bono de comida.


-Bestia normal : 50-100 comida (dependiendo del nivel del héroe)

-Bestia Pro : 150-300 comida (dependiendo del nivel del héroe)

Más o menos así sería una buena implementación de un bono por bestia derrotada.

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Nice idea wow. Can I get 1000 gems each time I defeat a beast? I will be able to upgrade all at max in just few weeks. Great! Thanks for this idea

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Sorry its the worst idea. However maybe if Beast can drop gold or items or 1% chance to drop 5 gems like a RPG will make raid more fun but not a Uber Chest,Golden chest or something like this

It’s not the idea itself that’s bad, Warrior, it’s the suggested reward. Expensive chests are too much, unless it’s a chest with exactly 1 item.

I suggested ages ago that there could be goodies to collect during raids, like power ups, health, gold, defenses could drop items or you could run into random folk that would give you stuff or it could be chests of gold hidden in the woods somewhere. Beasts could drop stuff when defeated (like a rpg/mmo boss).

i do agree with the gold thing because recently there is not much gold in the game also you maybe could get a higher chance or reward in the chamber ?

About the gold this will solve the gold issue. If you are unlucky like me and only get 100k-150k max in matchmaking. Extra Gold will be good. Just with Alliance gold bonus + Gold Perk + Kaiser + Gold drop and you can end a raid with close 300k if the beast drop between 5k and 20k depending of the level. Also the others things who he can drop must be not too much maybe like between 10 pearls and 40 pearls or between 5 voucher and 20 vouchers,etc…

Gold Drop should be at 60%

Items (green,blue and purple) drop should be at 20%

Pearls drop should be at 10%

Voucher drop should be at 5%

Legendary item should be at 3%

Uber items at 1%

Gems should be at 1%

something like this. I hope to see this one day in RR2. this will make raid more interesting to do

just to give you a idea of the %. If you take by example 1% can be in 300 raids


I  meant the topic exactly as you have just described it, maybe I have described it a bit wrong or confusing. 

Turn the beasts into some type of Chamber of Fortune?

You know what a RPG is? Each monster have % drop rate to drop items or stuffs


So I think can be cool if the Beast can have a % stuffs drop. because I consider Beast like a Boss. So yeah if we can get gold.gems,voucher,etc… tihs way can be cool and will make the game more interesting

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like the idea ?

It’s just that it would be like some type of Chamber of Fortune thing, but with 1 guaranteed reward only

Anyway Chamber of fortune don’t give much. I am not a fan of this feature. So a idea like this will guaranteed awesome stuffs. So for 220 food that worth it

What if, every time you defeated a beast, you would receive what the beast’s ability was! For instance: If you defeat a Primal Howl Beast, your king and your troops would all receive a 5 second rage! Or if you defeated a Kaiser beast you would gain an extra 10,000 gold at the end of the attack!

I talk about items and all but can be give us some buff too. If you defeat a beast like AK mention the buff will be different

Kaiser : Extra 5% gold at the end

Howl : Give you 10 seconds of frenzy

Fritz : All units and tower are frozen for 5 seconds

Archiemede : All units receive a Sword Rain attack 

and so on…

the idea its good. Hope to see this in future

I also think that idea was really good and will make the game more interesting. 

Wow. You’re asking too much.

Decrease this request for something like more XP to make it more workable. Like, “the FG should increase the rate of XP we gain if we kill a pro-beast.”


Already suggested it.

No official opinions on Flares part though  :slightly_frowning_face:

We have never official opinions from Flare about suggestion. So we pretend we suggest in the void each time