Bonus Prize

I have decided after each ninja/zombie event I gonna come here and give some gems to someone. The Winner gonna be attacked by me and I drop some gems for you but for that you need only to do one thing give me a number between 1 to 200. You have until November 9th to answer,

the reason is so many people don’t have video ads and cannot win some gems or lose the chance to win some gems via free chest and I think its unfair. My video ads work well and I have gain 200 gems or more in just 3 days

The only rule I demand its be a player who play on IOS or Android because video ads don’t work on that device and you have only 1 chance to answer. 1 number by player and give me your IGN

If there is no winner because no one have find it. I take the one who gonna be close

Good Luck!!!

I come back November 9th to give the winner!!!



IGN : Kraken930

:slight_smile:  nice one :slight_smile:


but in my area, I never had a video on windows or wp.
I had to install on the PC emulator, which, however, can only accelerate improvements.

A noble gesture :slight_smile:
I hope that no one will have you claim that you have not chosen him :grinning:

Good luck!!!

Well why is Android and iOS crying like a baby when ads were not there for 2-3 days. Windows didn’t have for months. Although Flare and video provider’s fault but it has not gone for ever. They said it will return.

By the way, Warriornator, with this contest, the main benefit goes to Flare since the opponent gets a small fraction, rest in Flare’s pocket.

its possible I know but still I just read Android still don’T have video ads. On IOS seem to work now but Android are screwed. Its my pleasure if I can give some gems to a Android players who lose the chance to get gems in chest. Its unfair and I don’t like that at all.

Android User please participate to my contest :slight_smile:

videos on android are working as well :slight_smile:

Can confirm, no delays or other issues.

If that work for everyone its ok then. The question now how long? :slight_smile: just to show I was serious about give gems to someone if he was the right answer. The answer was 189. Ok next time if the video ads are down again ^^

Due to the fact Kraken930 was the only one who have participated. I have promised then… THE WINNER OF THIS CONTEST KRAKEN930

truth …win users don`t cry :slight_smile: