Bonus Stats... Juvenile Terms...


So I just leveled up two pieces of armor to uber.

And I got the following stats:

1985.1: Increases the toughness of the Frosters

1580.1: Increases the Frosters attack power

What the Hell? 

Froster toughness?  That’s a stat! 

Froster Attack Power?  That’s not a stat either!  And it certainly doesn’t equal damage cause that would mean my Froster Damage went from: 157 to 1737.1 (more than 10 times!). 

So please, for Godsake!  Just be honest with us!  So we evaluate the bonuses we get and go into battle with a strategy.  This is supposed to be a strategy game!

Give us real stats please!

You’re right, those changes on units are worthless, a tiny change like that isn’t useful, you feel no difference at all when using those perks…

I guarantee they made up those stupid “stats” like toughness because they didn’t want to say: +10 health.

+909 knight toughness give me +60hp to a level 10 knight… Whats the conversion equation? :\


How did you figure out 909 Toughness = 60 Health?


P.S. that conversion is approximately 6 Health to 91 “Toughness”.

I had item on. Then checked knight stats in raid window. Then checked knight stats in waves ,60hp diffrence.

I’ve got this items:

  • 1715 arbs toughness

  • 651 another arbs toughness

  • 1693 gargs toughness (they must be kidding me)

  • 1754 gargs attack power

  • 1466 knights attack power



  • With both items, my arbs have just 59 more health

  • Gargs health is 46 points higher

  • Gargs attack is 38 points better

  • Knights deal only 19 more damage (and they’re boosted)


The change equation is a mistery and I still think they’re bad…

That’s the most stupid thing that I ever seen in a game since the old Atari. FG is simply pissing on us.

I know right. The troop perks are terrible

Spell perk, on the other hard, seems to be good. I got Hammerstrike perk, mine is on level 11, its normal damage is 931, but thanks to the perk it deals 189 more damage, it’s almost like leveling it up! (Upgrading Hammerstrike to level 12 adds 233 damage).

I have hammerstrike perk on my mask from 4441 to 4599 but blizzard is definitely better thanks to its range 

If I have 848.1 shield improvement what would that come out to?

Probably more defense points