Boost Busters is looking for active players

Boost Busters - Level 57 - English - Hero level required: 85

About our alliance:
-Alliance Name: Boost Busters
-Alliance Leaderboard: Ranked 231
-Alliance Level: 57 (45% gold bonus & 18% tax bonus)
-Looking to increase our membership to become a top alliance. We are a group of dedicated players looking for a few new members to join our friendly alliance.

What we offer:

  • Phoebe beast (among many others) for defense (soon we have level 2 Phoebe)
    -Consistently extend Pyromancer war buff (extended every war so far)
    -We always extend the Cannon , Knight , Monk , Wolf , and Lightning tower boosts
    -We usually have 1 or more Pro boosts active
    -Extremely experienced alliance
    -Good friends who have been playing together for years.
    -Facebook page and group chat

Requirements to join:
-Hero Level: 85+
-Trophy level: 2500+
-Gold donation of 750k or greater AND regular donation frequency (Boosts cost a lot of gold)
-Participation in War and Ninja events is required
-Participation in Conquest is optional
-English speaking is a plus (reading is required for war strategy)

What are you waiting for? To apply, submit an application to Boost Busters, using the alliance search, and someone will be in contact with you soon. Alternatively, add Shezra to your friends list and send direct message.