Boost Busters

Boost Busters

Alliance Level 57

Alliance Rank 219

Gold boost +45 percent

Most members from U.S.A and India

Alliance Requirements: Players must be Level 98 or higher and must have 500k gold donation. MUST be able to participate in Wars, Ninja events, and Conquest.

Alliance Boosts. We have an amazing 15 Boosts right now!

Heavenly Haven, Twisted Trickster, Trioxin Tower, Einherjar, Tainted Love, Mass Hysteria, Ascension Archer, Box of Shocks, Power Archer, Frost Trap, Stunning Ogre, Storm Cannon, Raging Wolf, Mad Monk, and Tempest Tower.

Alliance Rules. School/exams, life, family, and work comes first. We understand that. You will NOT be kicked out if you need personal time. What we provide is a friendly and family like atmosphere. And a democracy. We vote on who becomes generals and sergeants. We vote on Boosts. We vote on who to kick from alliance. We help each other against bullies. We help each other with spell/troop combos. And we help with base designs.

Unlike some other high level alliances, we are NOT in it for ourselves. We want to make sure everyone has fun and becomes powerful.

I am providing 2 pictures of our power. 1. Our last alliance score. 2. Proof we have Level 2 Phoebe.

To join our group: Simply apply to Boost Busters. You can find us by doing an Alliance Search. We would love to have you!