Boost collection

Alliances have nothing to do other than fighting in wars and playing in ninja events. I have an idea that can make bored players go crazy. Alliance will now have to collect boost cards. All war ,elite and pro boosts will be temporarily eliminated from the boost menu. Alliances have to acquire them by collecting boost cards. Once you collect a boost card then the boost will stay in boost menu forever. Alliances still have to activate it normally. Elite boosts activated by paying alliance gold, war boost activated by winning the war, and pro boost activated by winning pro leagues. The difference is that to get boost activated you must collect the boost card first. To collect the boost cards alliances have to play in new modes of battling. Or you can simply buy them in the alliance shops. This system will only if there are lots of boosts. So I suggest adding 2 Elite, 2 War and a Pro boost of each and every troops and towers. Getting a boost card is really hard. Elite is the easiest to obtain and is activated as normally. Pro boost are almost impossible to obtain. There is a level for the boosts also. Leveled boosts will much more efficient. To level up a boost you just need collect a boost card twice. Thrice to level 3. You can forge boosts. Forging is done using a special currency named Ruby. Forging of boosts will unlock in level three and can be only forged by alliance generals and leaders.


I hope you like my idea, thank you.