Boost Combonations Have Become Totally Useless

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but the new warboost combinations are all but useless to me. Bring back the Mummy and Aeroblaster combo. The Pyrodragons and Icedragons are all but useless on offense and deffense.


First off only one can power up at a time second by the time they do the raid is almost over they power up too slow.


Either add a fourth troop slot or go back to Mummy and Aeroblaster.


At this rate with this combo of boosts Flare just made winning wars useless. Why spend the bread on wars that aren’t gonna improve your situation.With these new boost combos playing boosted is the same as playing unboosted The more frequent chests are good but the loot and extra coin you get from selling the items you find aren’t worth the bread you spend during wars. The extra bread you win in chests don’t do any good if your boosts aren’t squat all it does is enable you to fight more wars to lose or break even in. The only time I open a chest and am happy is when its vouchers inside but they still don’t come frequnt enough to justify participating in war and the cost of the items you can buy with vouchers is too high to get any thing worth the effort nof a 5 day war.


In short these new boosts whil being highly entertaining are totally useless in combat Stop giving us stuff just to take something else away its getting old

I play with both dragons on offense :slight_smile:

I agree. Anything in offense is totally weak.

Though I didn’t think it at first dragons are good, but take a lot of time to learn how to use them. Having said that there are too many boosts that are only available via placing in wars or as war boosts, this kills the game for lower level and newbies. No point in winning a dragon or mummy if you haven’t got enough moral points to allow you to create one.