Boost Defense Event Questions

Thanks for the bost defense event.  Two questions:

  1. Will existing upgrades be shortened to 48 hours?

  2. How long will the event last? It starts tomorrow, but ends …?

Pretty sure it ends Friday, at least, it better

Me too, but it’d be nice if they tell us.

Probably not. -_-

If I remember correctly from previous events, it won’t affect on-going upgrades. Though, if your upgrades you make during event will be affected by it even when it ends.

Oh my ! I will use this event to build myself an all-basilisk tower base ! Hooray !

I can confirm it ends Friday, same as it used to. I edited this info in the announcement as well. :slight_smile:

Buenos dias, consulta tambien incluye la torre de alianza.

I don’t think so Lynamc232017. That’s only in Alliance Party events I believe.

No lo creo, Lynamc232017. Eso es solo en los eventos de la Fiesta de la Alianza, creo

hola incluye la torre de alianza…

no it is only for defensive structures

ok gracias…

How about resetting currently upgrading towers? 


When friday? 1pm CET? 4am PST? Be specific!

FYI I’m gonna keep nagging about this every time until y’all start giving precise event times. And I won’t go away. :lol:

But surely you can, as JiggleFizziks said, be more specific than that? If the event only lasts for 48 hours and the max. construction time is 48 hours I would want to know exactly when the event starts/ends. That way I will only need to speed up the last ~15 min of a construction to ensure that two constructions per worker get the benefits of the event…

When you watch a video, an upgrade takes 8 hours less. So practically you just can do two upgrades within that period, speeding up the rest a lot. For example waves now cost 9M max, so start an upgrade now, make sure you have the gold and upgrade it Friday morning once again. 

You are right. I forgot about the videos. With that I have an 8 hour window. Since the event started half an hour ago for me, I guess 11am is the time it starts, and I will have to assume it ends 11am on friday aswell. Still think they should be more clear about it though.

pro league begins at 11 am and ends at 2 pm. in my country

please indicate the start and end times of the events! it is difficult?