boost defense with no gold

how can we use this event if no one has gold and u cant take gold. the maximum i found is 200k and it took me like 20 changes to find.

i upgraded 2 things because i had 13m before the event, and now i have 6 free workers and only 400k gold.

we need gold!!!

True no sense such event when there is no gold

Not the first time,get used to it

That’s the hard part every time xD

I started this event with 35 millions. You just have to know how to prepare for it.

Fill your TreasureChamber before, collect Chests before and also collect valuable Items prior such an Event :wink:

35 millions ? Is it possible ? With dungeon, chests and gold at max, you can’t have This !

You have to prepare your gold.

But it takes 3 days, so if You build tomorrow, you Can do other level up for 2 days sunday !

15M - Full treasure chamber filled yesterday with 1 day shield
1.4M - Full tavern
5M - Items sold
14M - 25 chests opened with full food, items sold (10 legendary).

There you go. It was enought for two lightning tower level 7, one level 19 wave and some random tower.

Nice ? my videos don’t work and the treasure chamber is too difficult… Just after the mummy level 4 (do You have advices ?)

my simple suggestion is uninstall the game and again install…your videos may work for you :slight_smile:

ok but i am level 93… I Will recuperate my account ?

Well, many protect their gold. We are used to it from the past same events.

The problem is not the loot, but the lousy flares loot algorithm. After a few raids (4-6) you get laughable gold awards from any player. Even from those who offered you 500k before will offer you ~80k after just a few raids. The only ones that will offer you some decent loots are those with so overboosted bases, that raiding them is a suicide.

Moreover, flares have listened to our request and added the waves upgrade to the events. But what does this “favor” worth, if there’s no loot to upgrade…

Dear Flares! For events like this, at least do change your loot algorithm. You guys are turning this nice event into a farce.

Everyone will shield and those who don’t shield gold they will never leave gold in treasure during event they also want to upgrade that’s why in event no gold… Everyone is smart nowadays hahaha…

Event notice was given before war… So we should have prepare from that day, collecting chest from war n daily chest as well as video chest…

we should full inventory those have high gold while selling and one more idea is good item w/ high gold put in blacksmith meltdown but before it meltdown u should be able to cancel and sell during event… ?

And if u didn’t prepare then simply raid normal as 200k w/ 100+ gold boost… ?

if you are using android mobile connect gmail with the game then you will get your game progress…if you are using windows mobile or PC connect with the one Drive then also you will get your game progress:)

Hehe MrScmouck, good planning ahead. Now you got yourself 4 workers busy. But… Warchests are used, Chamber is exhausted, Valuable items sold and warehouse empty. What’s next? Only the video chests are still coming, once in a couple of hours. Back to the basic problem. There’s still no loot in the game…

If the loot algorithm was fair, we could raid for the gold. But as it is now, Raiding is almost useless.

Edit: Not complaining by the way. My 4 workers are busy and wave is going up already. Just wondering whether flares are interested in active playing and raiding, or they only want us to gather videochests. Loot algorithm destroys the basic core of the fun in this game.

I am level 79, now the max loot, I generally get is like 750k. After a raid, the loot decreases to about 200k then to just 25k. Just before the event, I didn’t get more than 250-300k loot. Even my 750k favourites offered just 150k. This time I don’t really blame Flare because everyone would have spent all gold on expensive upgrades. Once, I had done with my war raids & still had some food for a raid. From matchmaker I got loot way more than 250-300k. This time, it’s not Flare’s fault but yeah, I do agree that matchmaker is now just useless. You have to find opponents on your own.

This can be fixed if flare would mark down gold prices or offer the full TC package at least once a day in events like this.

KKStar, the lack of gold in the game right now is really not flares fault. Everyone are protecting their gold because of the event.

The ridiculous loot algorithm - is Flares fault.

I can search for bases to raid, no problem. A lot of ways to do it. But the loot decreases significantly after a very short while. This has nothing to do with the event. This a mistake in game programming.

If you raid the same player again & again, the loot will decrease. This is done in order to reduce extreme raiding on just 1 player. If you had dropped trophies recently, the loot will become worse, in fact a lot worse. Just before the event, I got just 200-300k from my favourites. 4-5 hours into the event, I got 300-400k from people around me.

Taking some practical knowledge into account, at your level, everybody would be aware of the event. At my level, some might not be aware of such an event. So for you, finding loot will be tough. For me, it would be easier. From my calculation, raiding same player, the loot becomes 1/4. So 800k - 200k - 50k - can’t raid anymore.