Boost drops from chests

It’d be cool if there were some additional kinds of things that could drop from chests, beyond the normal currency/item/gem/etc.  I’m thinking of things that could actually be used to change game play - such as  ‘personal’ boosts. e.g. You could get an item (say, an Idol) that, when used, would activate a Storm Cannon (or any other) boost for X hours for your king.  In addition to making chests a bit more interesting, it would give many people access to boosts that they wouldn’t normally have since most folks aren’t in high level alliances that have boosted everything.  In addition to simply providing access to the current boosts, you could have items that provide all sorts of other enhancements.  e.g. something that would lower food costs for battles for X hours, or boost gold% or XP, etc.

Personally, I think this would make the game a lot more fun as I’d get to play around with things that I virtually never do as my alliance can only afford two boosts.  From a business perspective, you could also use this as another way to generate revenue if you allowed people to buy (with gems/money) these items that provided the personal boosts.  


Yup I have make a similar suggestion long time ago. I don’t remember in which topic about add a RPG style feature. Like % Drop from enemy troops to find extra gold a little like RR1 or find extra vouchers,or items and maybe like a RPG at 0.02% chance to get 1 gem drop. When you defeat the Beast you have like 2.50% chance to obtain a Uber Item,etc…

Something like on enemy 75% chance to obtain gold, 14% chance to obtain Magic item,6% Epic items,3% Legendary items,1% for Uber,0.90% voucher and 0.10% for gem. The same for defeat the Beast but maybe change the % drop like 80% chance to obtain Magic items,10% Gold,5% Magic items,2% epic,2.5% Legendary,0.5% Uber item (Reference to Diablo or other RPG)

Interesting add personal boost in chest. A good idea.If you combine % chance drop enemy items + % chance to obtain personal boost in a chest. Can be really awesome in a future update. 

Would be awesome but should only be used for boosts you dont have running by the alliance. IE, if I got a storm cannon boost I would never use it because my alliance runs SC. I feel like this would be a good thing to make tradeable between players. Or you could increase the magnitude of the boost if you use one that’s already being run by your alliance.

I was thinking today in a crazy thing: Chest inside chamber of furtune chests xD. Yeah, if you open the third chest successfully, it may have a chance to give you a chest based on your trophies, just like ninja event. It’s a good way to have some extra golds and maybe some gems.