Boost Hours for Blacksmith,Taverns and Farm

PicklePete give me a idea with his topic :

Why taverns,Farms and Blacksmith have different hours time? I suggest to make them all equal. This way more easy. When you boost your blacksmith,taverns and farms should be for at least 10 hours each. So when they are over then its all of them. So you reactivated them all at the same times. So right now i am sure the different hours cause trouble to many of you. If all of them can have 10 hours I am sure its gonna be more easy for everybody.

What you think?

why not all 24 hours?

wait - tats called subscription already…

Buy sub and you will have 30 days boost!

Please don’t give flare ideas to make the boost time all equal…
Or they might use the lowest value of 8 hours 

But yeah, having them all at 10 hours would be pretty cool.