Boost Perk

Just about your way to boost your units,defense and spells to give a little idea of people who don’t know really what boost. I think this topic can help players

for me :

Knight : +2 in damage, +7 in speed for 10,5% +1 HP

Archer : +5 damage, +3 attack range +2 HP

Paladin : +2 HP I read somewhere in this forum someone said Paladin are useless and don’t worth it to boost them

Ogre : +1 Speed I don’t use Ogre

Froster : +4 damage, +3 HP

Gargoyle : +3 damage HP is useless because gaygoyle explode but I read speed can be useful I’m not sure in Gargoyle Nest

Pyromancer : +1 HP,+3 Attack rate,+1 range

Barricade : +2 in HP put boost in resistance is useless

Traps : +5 damage, +5 HP

Blizzard : +2 range,+3 damage +1 cooldown

Heal : HP regenerate +2 +1 Cooldown

Swordrain : +1 cooldown +2 range

people focus on one perk in time or upgrade all at the same time?

On swordrain you do stun… I got a 2.5 stun value now and it’s great 

I thought it was useless in a raid. ok I try that

try HP on blockade. It adds 742hp per forge. Well its worth it if you get 742 health for just 25 pearls on frst forge.

Yes it seems really useless until you get it high, then you do cooldown i guess for even more frequent stuns

You are the king of pearls, i think :lol:

I have a good amount, but can’t come close to that (unless i only concentrate on one spell, troop etc.)