boost problem

hello… since yesterday (25/5/2018) the hour 20:00 i cant make free boost for the farm & blak smith & the free chest, I’m watching the video till the end but its not giving me the boost or the free chest… please its unfair… I hope you will solve this problem asap…

thank you

sincerely yours

You are playing on Windows 10.



Stop accusing Windows 10 fault. Windows 10 have nothing to do in this accident. Its possible the problem come from Flare but Microsoft have nothing to do in this.

Also my laptop has those problems and it can’t speed up my towers.

me too cant boost anything farms,taverns and towers.

boost isn’t working again

don’t search further.Flare have disactivated Windows User Video Ads once again and this time for 1 week for sure.

It’s probably Vungle fault. My guess is that there is no setting in the SDK to prevent videos with mature content from being played. Flare probably disabled the videos until they can be sure that they won’t be showing any more penises in the ads.

make sense. We focus too much on rewards and all but forget probably the main reason of this disabled action is more to remove those weird and bad video far from RR2. Until Flare resolve this problem the video ads will be out.

Let’s just hope that the next event is not Blacksmith Meltdown :slight_smile:  . 

oh no hope not. gonna be a disaster ?

I think flare should give us boost for farms and taverns until issue is fixed.


dear sir,
wwwaaawww, wwwaaaww, wwwwaaaww, unbelievable this is unacceptable, since 10 days I am without the free boosts, I cant join the league competition because I cant make fast bread… I cant make fast pearls, where are you flares??? until now I can’t have the free boosts & the free chest each 4 hours, are you sleeping their…?? how many complain I have to send to you…?? I am paying real money for your game & this is what I get…???
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
please, solve this problem now its effected my situation in the game… shame on you…

thank you ? ?

I have the same problem, not getting the boosts after watching the ads, seems to be only certain ones for me through.

The following ones arent working for me:

Hustle castle
Idle heroes
Walking Dead Our Works

Probably some more aswell that i missed.

Playing on a One plus 6 device, Europe, 

Android Version 8.1.0

OxygenOS v 5.1.8

Been a problem for over a week, been trying to update phone, remove and install the app again, nothing works.

All these things should be fixed when the 4.0 update and bug fix comes out. The ads have not worked for a while cause flare shut them down cause there was a problem (a won’t mention what problem here) with the ads