Boost timers are dumb

I keep donating to my alliance daily, well up into the tens of millions of gold now. And I’ve managed to use my alliance’s boosts maybe 3 or 4 times. The boosts always seem to get activated at times when I don’t normally play. So all I’m really getting out of the alliance is a ~30% gold boost that costs me 250k/day, which really is the equivalent of no boost at all for the first ~800k gold/day I farm.

I guess this works for ultra-organized top 10 alliances where the members are all able to rearrange their lives around a common play time. But that’s not the case for the vast majority of alliances that have members with lives, who are from all around the world.

I could probably talk to the leader and get him to change when he activates the boosts from time to time, but then that just screws over the other members. I could find a new alliance or start my own, but doing that and still staying in a top 50 ~30%+ boost alliance is pretty unlikely. So, meh.

I guess what I don’t get is why the boost timers need to be global for the entire alliance. Why can’t they make it so the timer runs separately for each member, and only starts when each member logs on for the first time after the boost was activated? It wouldn’t change a thing about how organized alliances use boosts (i.e. no advantage), and it would make everyone else feel like they’re getting to participate in the rewards for all their daily gold donations.

Just in case I’m not speaking Flaregames’ language, they could even tie that feature to your alliance tower level. So it only works that way if your alliance tower is above some minimum level. Or the personal boost duration you get is prorated based on your alliance tower level. That way people are encouraged to spend more gems upgrading their towers.

Anyway, that’s my rant. Carry on.

I think that is not possible, simply because this “personal timers for everyone” feature would put too much pressure on servers.

The servers don’t seem to have any problem at all keeping track of separate timers for each player’s gold shield and upgrades. In fact, for all we know the boost timers might already be tracked per-player internally, and the server is just triggering them to start for all alliance members at the same time.

Anyway, I appreciate your argument, but I’m pretty sure that’s one of the last things that would stand in the way of implementing this.

It looks like your alliance completely disorganized :slight_smile: The alliance leader can prolong boosts by Alliance’s gold


For examle Elite Cannon

@alliance lvl35



lvl1 750k, 6h lvl2 875k, +7h lvl3 1000k, +8h(this is 21 hours)


prolong 1000k, +8h

(3M = 1 day)



Prolong as much as you can ahead. If you have enough coins.And there will always be a maximum level of boost

I’m not sure how you arrive at the conclusion that my alliance is “completely disorganized”. Completely average would be more like it.

We have 30 members, and the total daily donations come in at a little under 3 million. There’s not enough gold to just blindly extend boosts, and still have anything left over to use for leveling up.

I’m not trying to say every scrub alliance out there should be handed boosts on a silver platter. I’m not looking for a participation trophy. But reasonable access to boosts for the average player should be obtainable – not something that’s exclusive to the top 10 “completely organized” alliances. Otherwise what a waste of content/effort on Flare’s part.

Similarly, no organization.I suspect that boosts activate alliance members for their money, and when they want.Activate Boost lvl1 6 hours - what kind of nonsense?And if it was for testing purposes - it could be arranged in advance.In general, determine what you importantly - increase in the level of the alliance, or enabling boost of the first level 6 hours when someone wants. Without the knowledge of the other members of the alliance.



If you can not organize itself and to negotiate within the alliance - why come here and complain about it?

You’re totally missing the point. I don’t know what I can do to help you understand.

There’s nothing wrong with my alliance’s organization or communication. Gold is spent in a balanced way between boosts and leveling up. This isn’t a negotiation issue. The boosts simply can’t be activated at times that work for everyone – someone will always get left out.

People in alliances are from all around the world, in all different time zones. Expecting them to arrange themselves neatly into homogenous alliances, in order to play within a specific 6 hour window, is unrealistic.

All I’m saying is it would be nice if Flaregames would acknowledge this fact, and do something to make it less of an issue. Other games in the genre that have alliance perks do it for longer time windows precisely so this kind of thing doesn’t happen.