Boost Tower

I have a suggestion: A new type of tower that boost the attack rating or even range of nearby towers. Very popular in many games, easy to implement, would give us something extra to upgrade as well. It can be placed outside path and and influence its area can also vary depending of the level. (Starting with 3x3 array on the first level for adjacent towers)


What do you guys think?

Can you explain more Sorin ? In what game does this boost tower available ? Think its an interesting idea although I’m more excited to see how the alliance update improve the game before thinking about other improvement


Most of the tower defense games that I played have a boost tower, see Tower Madness, Sentinel 3 and many others. That being said, we can think about improvements at any stage of the game, they don’t have to be implemented right away.


A boost tower would also alter quite a lot of defense layouts by encouraging some degree of smart clustering. This would refresh the game mechanics and allow for some interesting strategies.


You can see good idea here.

This is best forum.



This isn’t good idea because it’s change game balance.

It’s start from 3x3!!! So upgrade it, change it to 5x5!!!

Have good time. :grinning:

I am not sure I understand you properly. All the changes including the snake tower recent boost change the game balance, including the monsters. So are you saying it is not a good idea because it changes the game balance, because it wasn’t on your list or because you don’t like it personally? Please provide some details.

It is an interesting idea.  Overall I think that a boost tower would not play well in this game.  The big problem is precisely that it would encourage clustering and the result of that clustering would be for the hero to promptly use a single spell to kill all the towers, this means that I probably wouldn’t use a boost tower in my defense.


Hmm, there are possibilities, you might create an island to place the boost towers and path around it with the other towers on the side, or just concentrate in the corners. Obviously it is up to you to take advantage of something like that. I just believe it would add some interesting design patterns. Also about clustering, most of the towers are clustered together in my base and sometime that has its advantages. You are invited to try it :grinning: