Boost your Castle event 8 Nov 2017

Boost your Castle event should include " all castle buildings" but it seems this time Alliance Tower is a exception… 

Perhaps because we already get Alliance Party event a week before that so this time they change it with gold discount thing.

well for me even the other buildings are not showing any reduced time or cost. Btw, i am on Windows 10.

It’s Castle building event, not defense event, so towers, obstacle, etc aren’t including on the list.

Boost your Castle and Boost Deffence event are different.

Okay. Thanks for clarifying


Going back to the first post, yes this is concerning. I’m not sure if this is a bug or carelessness or intentional.

The related post (for the event) DID say all castle buildings, but did not mention ‘including alliance tower’, although it didn’t say ‘excluding alliance tower’ either. Ambiguous.

If it is intentional, I would be very disappointed. We need an official reply to this.

The Alliance Tower was indeed included in the last Boost Your Castle event that happened in July.

Iirc the discount in last castle boost event was only 20%, so you should wait for an alliance party and 30% anyway :slight_smile:

Well the AT is within castle walls so it should be included in the event, even though it’s a different type of building, requiring gems instead of gold. Oversight?