boost your castle event, wrong information

This morning, a friend of mine told me that the stronghold buildings are also on discount. If he hadn’t told me about it, I would’ve never known about it, since nowhere is stated that it includes the stronghold buildings.

Why wasn’t it mentioned in game in the event banner? If my friend hadn’t told me about it this morning, nobody in our Alliance would’ve known about. And I’m pretty sure the majority didn’t know about it. Good job once again

Thanks very much for this, I didn’t know about it.

And just informed my alliance on chat in case someone else didn’t notice this part of the event too ?

You’re welcome

The majority didn’t know about it, including me. All credit goes to goodoldzha. So many waited for stronghold discounts and now they don’t even mention it. They mess up when they announce events and they mess up when they don’t announce events… Didn’t they stop announcing events here, cause they didn’t wanna give false information? Well done?

a member of our alliance found that out also yesterday night…

But there seems to be a bug for the main StrongHold building…the price paid is not what it was stated and it s taking longer too…

No -20% on building cost for upgrading the ally storages in the new world during the ongoing boost your castle event.

I have just upgraded both stone and troop storages and no -20% on cost was applied! I spent about 655M instead of about 500M.

I want to be refunded.



Good Morning,

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

We will look into this and investigate.

So is there the same bug for the personal conquest buildings??? ???

OMG my poor gems!!! 

Wow, that sucks big time

There was no bug for the personal buildings here

indeed, no problem with the personal buildings, only for the main alliance buildings


Oh thanks god! ?

Hello guys,

I have just published the following information in the official announcement section:

Kings & Queens,

We became aware of an issue with the “boost castle” event.?

The “boost castle” was never intended to offer discounts on the alliance or player stronghold buildings. Hence this was also not communicated in game and therefore, there is also a display bug giving you reduced gold prices on the alliances’ buildings when in reality still the full price is being deducted.


We will offer the following solution:


Everybody who has started an alliance-building upgrade during the current “boost castle” event, will get a refund for the difference of the gold cost being displayed and the actual gold amount being deducted. We will collect the alliances that need to be refunded, once the event is over.


For future “boost castle” events we will remove this possibility.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

thanks Madlen

Will you contact personally the alliance or should we have to make us know somewhere…?


We will take care of it. We do not need to contact each alliance, we can see it in our system.

I will also inform in the official announcement section, once this has happened.

ok perfect ?


Thank God 



Thank you Madlen! Anyway would be nice a new event like this. At least a discount on the personal structures.

What about the people who upgraded their personal conquest buildings for gems? Will those be refunded as well?


These costs were as displayed, so there is no need for a refund.