Boost your defence event nerfed?

It used to be 2 days for all upgrades, now it’s only 35% reduced?


Is this new, or has it bee before?


Does not sound all too much appealing, to save workers and stuff. If it was 2 days, I’d think good about buying a 7th worker, but this way I definitely will not. What could be the reason?

Mainly for players who already have maxed their bases and just need to upgrade their towers to the new levels.

/My own personal theory, don’t take it as fact. ?

And also there is no defense waves in it.

It’s Flare’s version of a New! And! Improved! product. When you take a closer look, you find out you’re paying more for less. The “improvement” is all about THE COMPANY’S PROFIT MARGIN.

I like the 35% reduction in gold cost but the fact that these boost events are now only one day is disappointing. Combine that with only 35% reduction in upgrade times compared to max 2 day upgrades. So, 2 cuts and one improvement= blahhh…

You will probably have to use a gold shield = less gold in the market. One day (event day) probably you can upgrade 2-3 buildings (if you play the whole day). 

For me, if any worker is free on the day, I will make use of the event, if not they are already working.

Nothing will match the community week event.  :slight_smile:

Can u inform us about def waves so to know what to do… Start a new wave or wait for the event?


Edit: The Waves just got included in the event, due to some troubles regarding other conditions.

Wish I’d read this reply before I started a wave upgrade earlier :angry:   :stuck_out_tongue:

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Than you would have to wait day and a half to save 2 days. So you did not loose much :slight_smile:


This is worse than uber granny days.

Got it! Would have loved to see 1:1 gem is to pearl ratio.

Such a liars u are flare not included now included make up ur mind… U should compensate those who started the waves.

I like the extension of the event as well as the addition of alliance towers to it. Hoping to see events get back to this length in the future.

2d max upgrd time or -30% time with longer event. can still only upgrade 1 high lvl tower. or several low lvl ones, but not so much hurry this time.

This helps more mid lvl players, when we have 2d max build time its for the high lvl players.

Good that mid lvl ones also has a useful event. and more time = less hurry, so it is good.

max. tower upgrade  is 7 days.