Boost Your Defense event vs. video ads issue

So we have a boost your defense event, most likely running for 2 days, that gives upgrade time for builds limited to 2 days. When the video ads problem is not solved before the event starts, those without ads will be limited to 1 upgrade per worker, while those with ads can shorten the first build time to less than 2 days, and can start a second 2 day upgrade per worker, before the event ends!

@GalaMorgane, @Archimedes, please discuss this with your devs, or whomever is responsible. If the video ads issue on Windows is not fixed before the event starts tomorrow, either consider to make the event last longer than 2 days, or re-enable the video ads on Windows temporarily, as you did on Monday, for the time of the event. Even when the temporarily solution is not GDPR compliant.

It would be very unfair otherwise.

I prefer have no event until the video ads will be fix. That will bring more anger,frustration and all vs mobile players. I don’t want to start to hate mobile players but if they have more advantages then us. Its not just fair. Video ads and rewards and now if they can boost their farms,taverns for more battle plus shorten their upgrades. UNFAIR!!!


I just downloaded bluestacks and videos are working now on my laptop. It’s a free software and quite easy to use. Though, I’d prefer ads working on Windows.

The event is going to start tomorrow and I guess It will last until Friday, so it’s just 24 hours… Doesn’t matter if you have the problem or not, everyone is going to get one upgrade per available worker (at least without spending gems)

You realize that you can only transfer your account once a year? So if you now get in deep trouble with your laptop, you can say goodbye to your RR2 account, unless OneDrive made a backup or you ordered gems for cash.

You can make a backup of your user settings,  under <UserName>\AppData\Local\Packages\flaregamesGmbH.RoyalRevolt2_g0q0z3kw54rap\Settings, but don’t store it on that laptop. Also write down the path where to place the files. 

The event indeed is just one day, but still every bit helps.

Yep, I know but this shouldn’t be a problem. Have it on Windows Mobile, on my laptop, connected to Facebook, backuped with OneDrive and linked to my Google account.

Thanks for mentioning it for other players ?

I am happy they have listen. Great :slight_smile:

could’ve disabled ads for everybody for the duration of the event but i guess it’s better to replace a perfectly timed event with a all-around useless one.

The event changed, but the problem itself isn’t fixed.

I play on Windows PC and I’m without videos for more than 5 days now, unable to boost farms/taverns, unable to get hte free chest every 4h and unable to speed up upgrades.

Very frustrating.

You can see it in the current event: When the event includes a “… upgrade time limited to 2 days”, the duration of the event usually matches this and is also 2 days.

So it seems we have the same problem still in current event: Windows user can run only one upgrade per worker, because the upgrade time is 2d, and even if you start the upgrade just 1 minute after event start, the upgrade will not finish before the event ends. While non-Windows user can run two upgrades per worker, because they can shorten the 2d upgrade time of the first upgrade to 1d 16h, and have then nearly 8h to start a second upgrade, before the event ends.


Cmon man just stop spamming the whole forum, everywhere just windows add issue. Get over it, enjoy the event. Its one event, and not the end of events, boost defence will be back in cmng weeks. 

So since the bug doesn’t impact other OS (and you probably play on an unaffected platform) , it’s fine with you? So what about disabling all videos on every OS while this isn’t fixed. It would be more fair. Last time Vungle was blamed it took us an amazing 8 months (flare was the one to blame for that!) without videos. Talking about an advantage, having 4+ videos per day or none at all. It were more than 1k chests we did not receive due to that blooper. 

I don’t need to enjoy the event, everything on my base is maxed and I am not planning to build new towers. 

Hello there,

We posted a new update regarding the Windows Ads that you can fin here:

I understand the situation is not fun, but lots of things are out of our control and we are waiting on Vungle. This is as much as I can give you on that matter as of now.

Many thanks,


I am on windows mobile myself…so its impacting me too…but for me raiding is more imp than anything else…if i can raid i m good with it

Then you also suffer from having no videos. As a Windows user myself I can tell you that the first 20+ months we had no videos at all. While others could easily get those chests (we as Windows users even had no clue others had that advantage), we struggled to upgrade towers, troops and spells to max levels. Back then it was simple, either use a gold shield or be prepared to lose all your gold. And since we also had no ‘watch a video’ for an extra raid, we had not a lot of alternatives.

I am used to having no videos, only… Before they release a new version, this has to be fixed, since most likely we will need to upgrade everything at least once. And we know already what that means, every new max upgrade costs a full treasure room. Since everyone starts to upgrade like crazy, there is no gold. So at that moment we definitely need those legendary video chests, to be able to upgrade our stuff.

And since last time it took 8 months (Vungle couldn’t find the issue, flare just was waiting passive), I want to make sure, this time we don’t have to face same scenario. So if Vungle is indeed to blame, keep pushing them and ask for status reports of their progress. when Vungle is the one, more companies will suffer from the same error. Strangely enough there is nothing on the internet that even hints on recent Vungle errors. 

Same here, I started to play RR2 on a Windows Phone and we were without ads for months… I end up installing Bluestacks on my computer just to be able to speed  up some upgrades, but it didn’t have the versatility of having it in your phone.