boost your defense

hi all,

i have a question, in the next event “boost Your defense” are in sale too the waves defensive?

Thanks bye

Yes, they were for the last event, so I imagine they will be for this one too.

It would be great if they lowered costs of forging defensive structures during boost you defense.  Now most players forge troops and spells only. We have to break that tradition.

Dear Kings & Queens,

Starting on Thursday 27th and ending on Friday 28th October 2016, the  Boost your Defense  event will take place in your Kingdom.

  • Defensive Buildings are 35% cheaper
  • Defensive Buildings upgrade and building time is 35% faster
  • Workers are 30% cheaper

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

I doubt waves are included.

They should be by default as it is defense event but if they are not mentioned maybe they are not included. This defense event, I think is a little compensation, because last time during a week community event we were supposed to get new levels (so we could take an advantage of defense event) but due to a bug they had to withdraw new levels. The event was on for a week, including wave upgrades. So this time it would make sense if waves are not included, this even could be purely about towers and workers as we finally got those new levels.

yes me too, for me the defensive waves aren’t inclused in this promo