Boost Your Offence Event! - Great, give us another level for Spells and the game will be playable again

Hey Flare, 

The reason everyone is mad is because raiding is too hard now. Not sure if you noticed all the white shields around the place… 

This is because you gave the defence an extra tower in each path, and extra level to each tower but didn’t add anything to the attack [also nerfs of course]. 

Simple solution: Spells [and troops] need another level to upgrade.  

I’ve gone blueshield now, I’d like to come back but not if the game is this unbalanced. 

I agree that it was unfair for flare to nerf offensive stats while buffing the defense. I think they should’ve just buffed the defense. Taking away stats just feels like a slap in the face. They can add spell and unit upgrades, or they can put the nerfed stats back on. I’m fine with either one

Still though, for players, like me, who do not have all their spells maxed out quite yet, this event is great! It will help your offense out a ton! I don’t think the Event is really a bad play by flare, cause not everyone has maxed spells

I still see many players raiding scroll free. Seems to be pretty balanced to me

Oh look an event where there is nothing left to do???

a useless event because at 100% they announce late and we have already spell in progress for 5 days

I also see players spending tons of gems in raids. What’s your point?

No head-up, no reply, are we getting ignored again ? ? Anyway, they add range to wolf howl then said its range too wide,2 speed perk to orge then said it too fast  , blunt dmg to blade strom then said it do too much dmg and nerfed them all so i really dont have motivate to improve anything in offensive now really .

they need to add new hero lv not offence lv

That it’s balanced, duh

They didn’t just add more levels to the towers. They added Conquest boosts and also made forges about 25% stronger on defense. And they also reduced wolf/ogre/paladin and ceres.

Well, as you can see from all the complaints around this forum, it’s not

Now i can raid scroll free, but if  i would do a little mistake- i will lose. I like it, think thry need to do a little more harder

No please, not the grind again. Ok, to introduce new spells and troops. Please do not give them ideas where more people will leave the game. ???

Yeah, from like 20 people on the forum. They are the entire game.

Most players just want their raids to be automatic. What’s the fun in that.

The only problem i see are the gate towers. The rest is more or less fine

For me, the game is playable, even without scrolls. Sometimes it takes a scroll, but that’s fine. Definitely not unbalanced. If it would be unbalanced, I wouldn’t be able to beat any base scroll free

I don’t understanding all that fuss about gatetowers. If you guys like challenges so much, then you should like the challenge of having gatetowers… where’s the ‘fun’ in wars when it would be easy to get 100% all the time? Nobody is forcing to use full-skull gear, or to get 100% every warraid. You should think of it as a ‘skill’ to balance your gear to get as much skulls as possible without using gems (be it 90% raids in skullgear, or 99% in powergear, or somewhere in between). 

Apparently this silent ‘small’ offensive rebalancing changed a lot of things, raiding is easier again. Even in my old combo (wolf ogre monk, blades shield toxic) it’s doable again. Just sad that there was no communication at all about what actualy changed.


that was the idea of update- nerf offense. when they add new lvl of spells increasing dmg they would return to the point where they were before update.

i tell you why - the purpose of towers and obstacles is to kill you or waste your time so you wont be able to destroy gate. Towers near gate are just annoying. it is about being defeated or not, win or fail while attacking, not win in 99%. im not even trying to destroy those gates when im raiding +/- 2% gold dont bother me.

Also skulls from chamber of luck should dissappear.

It would have pissed more people off :wink:

Gate Towers aren’t a “challenge”, at least in higher trophies. What Gate Towers do is they mandate that you use Hammerstrike to get 100%. You shouldn’t be forced to take a certain spell to get 100% completion in a raid.

Except hammerstrike has been reduced to a pile of … now. 

Still a whole lot more than the 3 people who think the game is balanced

Just the fact that you don’t like gate towers shows that at least hammerstrike was nerfed into oblivion