Boost your production is FRADULENT

Just spent 20 gems to discover that the boost is only for ONE building, despite specifically stating “Boost your buildings to get your resources faster…” Buildings. Plural. Not one. That is deliberately misleading and FRAUDULENT.


Why when you have a fine product like this does this company resort to sleaze tactics like this OVER AND OVER AND OVER? Have you no shame at all?


Really shame on you. I won’t be duped twice.

description of alliance level 55+1 says it will increase number of players :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t trust a single word they say, including "and " and “the.” Liars.

Instead of Royal Revolt ---- it looks like Players Revolt brewing up.


Wake up and smell the destructive forces knocking at your doors before it is too late.  :sunglasses:

I’m looking into writing my congressional rep about the fraud and misleading practices. It’s gotten that bad.

I wonder do they even run a test before putting out the update.

I think this is fine, it’s a general term, I doubt any strings used in game are going to go through full legalese, and it’s obvious after the first boost is applied how this works.  Should probably be in the bugs forum also.