Boost your Waves event

A boost your waves event would be useful or include waves in the boost your defense event.

Waves should be in upgrade all the time when you do it correct. You should have gold available to start next wave upgrade, when a wave finished upgrading, this way you save precious time.

Only when your castle guard or throne room is upgrading, should be the only exception that you aren’t upgrading a wave. upgrade of wave should be priority number 2, behind upgrading throne room (and castle guard).

Since you can only upgrade one wave at a time and we have 46 morale points (21 upgrades) and 9 waves (so 189 upgrades!), you should keep them going. Check this out

it tells you that you need 2 years, 177 days, 1 hour and 5 minutes in total to max all waves. So that’s why you should make sure to keep waves upgrading and make sure gold to start next upgrade is available as fast as possible. To give you an idea, I still need 6 wave upgrades in total, each costing 10 days. You can shorten this by watching a video, but still it takes a lot of time. 

Having one or two morale extra from one event and saving a few days, should not matter. Lesson is, no matter what, wave should be upgrading 24/7.

It’s already there from long time ago.


It’s very sad! 189 upgrades in 2 years, 177 days, 1 hour and 5 minutes with wave upgrades, which have also 10 days cooldown (more than 1 week)! Almost all wave upgrades have +2 morale points! And there isn’t space to put 3 werewolves or 3 vikings  (48 morale points total) in a wave (maximum 46 morale points)! I will be too old!

Well… Videos (when they work) can help you to speed it up somewhat. I still need 6 upgrades in total to max them all, within a few hours I launch the upgrade to max wave 4. Around Eastern my waves will be maxed, unless flare brings out another release and adds even more levels to it.

Waves are the only normal building not maxed yet. After that it’s only hunting for gold (for itemsto convert into pears) plus gems to max my alliance tower. I might build more towers, but unforged ones are no good anyway.

But we can’t upgrade waves and castle guard simultaneously. I don’t like to waste money to upgrade waves (I did it for spells during Christmas holidays, otherwise I would have upgraded my throne room to level 10 about 1 month later).

Don’t put several werewolves in the same wave, 1 blizzard would destroy that wave before it can do anything. Better spread them to have a regular flow of werewolves.

Nope, we also can’t upgrade a troop while upgrading troop academy and also no spell when leveling up wizard tower. But others, including me did max almost all waves so far and that’s by constantly focus on either upgrading the castle guard, followed by waves. I did not waste a single gem on speeding up waves.

Castle guard is important to unlock more waves (time between waves reduces, so it’s important). 

So that’s why the order is, first make sure that waves are okay, then upgrade castle guard to unlock a new wave and more morale, then work on wave 1 (the new one!) and make that strong enough. When all waves have enough morale, only then upgrade castle guard again. You don’t want to have a lot of waves with pretty low morale. New waves start first and you don’t want raider to be able to build a good army, just because lack of defensive troops. 

It’s a problem we all faced. You have to think what you want to do. Just upgrading without thinking is never smart. Once you understand what an upgrade does, you should also use the right strategy of upgrading. 

Like I said, for castle guard you need to realize what upgrade means. You can upgrade multiple times in a row. Is that smart? Nope, because I already explained that as a result of that, you will have multiple low morale waves. So first make all waves strong enough, then upgrade and work on that first wave to make that strong also, before doing a new castle guard upgrade. Eventually upgrade all waves to higher morale first, when that’s required.

I haven’t placed yet werewolves.


this event really bad!