Boosted blockades

How does the boosted blockades work?

Will it really be different for allis with boosted mummies to those without boosted mummies?

An alli with boosted mummies will have boosted mummies coming out of the blockades and get a strong special boost.

Allis without boosted mummies will only have blockades with weak normal mummies and will get a rather useless baby - boost. ???

If you have boosted mummy, the elite blockade will spawn also boosted mummy, if you don’t have surprise mummy cursed cenotaph will spawn only a normal mummy.

However since we are here to talk about this i wanna underline that will be like no more still tough waves of ogre + werewolf but now also + mummy.

It’s like i would create no more a wave of 42 morale points but 56 morale points waves =sounds a bit tragedic this thing. I mean you won’t pass the first 3 blockade where stunning ogre + raging wolf + surprise mummy spawned from blockade will punch your king in few seconds where neither your troops will ensure your salvation  :mellow:

use uber-mega-boosted blasters :slight_smile:

I don’t believe in this. But I hope flare is so fair, that they put only alli with boosted mummies in one map, and allis without boost in an other. :confused:

Haha, good one Ebenezer… But remember, “Flare are never fair”…

We haven’t even unlocked boosted mummy so if someone has and is now saving for the war we are pretty screwed. I have an alliance of mid level kings normally up against an alliance with a few 60+ level hero’s. If they have unlocked the mummy with their already better blockades due to experience and time, we are done already

Oh Ebenezer, we Todrsritter fiht!!!after not win only complaint :stuck_out_tongue:

then some jump clans in the middle of war…hmmm…i wonder who