Boosted Cannons versus Swordrain


I wonder why a level max swordrain which is 5607 of piercing damage doesn’t destroy in one shot a boosted cannon which has around 4600hp (if I remember correcly).

Cannons don’t have strength against piercing damage, right? There’s a special formulae underneath?

theres a lot of hidden strength and weakness in this game for balancing purpose , thats all I can say

Is this an official answer? I mean your look to be a member of the staff, but I’m not sure of the customs here.

I’m quite surprised because I leveled up this spell thinking it would beat cannnos in one hit no matter what and I ended up spending lots of time and money to achieve something that blows my whole strategy up…

Thank you for answering!

Generally, forum moderators are displayed as “staff”, but in fact most (before recently, even all) forum moderators are voluntary player mods and not actual flaregames employees. 

As such, we generally have no access to game internals or secret internal informations, but we usually have quite an amount of experience with this forum’s content, with the game mechanics (being active, veteran players, same as many other forum members) and with “hidden details” in the game. Thus we can mostly speak of our experience, not of the game’s source code. 



Concerning the cannons, they seem to have a hidden resistance to piercing damage. Similar, mummies seem to have a hidden weakness to blunt damage, spells are more effective against the castle gate than troops (with same damage types), frosters have (despite stated otherwise ingame) no general blunt resistance, etc etc… try using the search feature to find some older, more extensive topics about the “chaos” of resistances and weaknesses. 


Personally, I’m proposing showing all those things ingame to give players correct information and not partial, wrong information, but so far flaregames didn’t do so nor comment on that issue. Thus, it’s hard to say what’s going on *exactly* with resistances/weaknesses behind the scenes.

And we can only speculate it’s for game balancing reasons that those things exist, and for laziness or technical difficulties that they aren’t shown in the game properly. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer that precisely ! :slight_smile:

I understand better now. In fact there’re displayed strength and weakness but also others that aren’t. And I understand it was made to balance the game.

All in all, I really start to thinkg (as many here) that Flare lacks proper and clear communication about the game, it’s a bit of the shame because it’s what separate a good game from a great one in my opinion!

Anyway, i understand now.

I believe Fire or Bladestorm are the spells that could one hit kill boosted cannons, am I right?

I kinda wish they wouldn’t give us any stats.


First of all, they’re inaccurate.

Second of all, discovery is part of the fun! Things are boring when everyone just pursues the same strategy throughout the game.

And finally, it’d give people reason to come to the forums.


I mean, like, give the basics, like “Firestorm is strong against wood!” “Sonic Blast is good against structures!” “Bladestorm is good against metal things!” but other than that, leave it a mystery…

Firestorm should definitely be a good choice against cannons. Bladestorm, potentially (but I don’t have a max bladestorm to test against max boosted cannons), but bladestorm is another thing that has hidden stats - bladestorm (normal damage) seems to perform exceptionably well against blockades, despite those aren’t weak to normal damage, while not performing exceptionably well against paladins who have a weakness to normal damage…