Boosted canons in def situation

Its getting anoying!
Many users just spam boosted canons as their def bacause they are uber. They are the I win button as long as the attacker is not much much stronger than the defender.
You really should consider a max value for canons as def!

I didn’t understand you. But from what I could, you are annoyed by too many boosted cannons in defense. Let me tell you, they are the easiest bases to beat. Spam you blazing knights, hide your king with your knights when needed and destroy the base.

Thank you your advice is appreciated even though unnecessary. As I said, it still is possible to beat lower bases but you can’t beat opponents which are as strong as you are. Yes I can attack weaker bases but not in war time, there I have to try to get as many skulls as possible and just get a lower amount because the opponents spam uber cannons is ridiculous and kills the fun of the game! All other units are not necessary anymore beside froster who teams up with cannons.

I still suggest to define a maximum quote for a defence unit a player can use

I agree. This is a fine method to counter the cannons. They are single hit units, so knight spam works well in giving them an excess number of targets. As a result most of them successfully come through the choke point.

Another way (which I personally use) Is max. firestorm. Works like a charm in cleaning them out! You might need to forge the damage up a bit tho or get a perk that does the same.

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Hehe wondered why took u so long to recognize me. Or maybe thought u would say hi later  :slight_smile:  

I am not always looking at the Royal Revolt 2 IGN, that was more a coincidence that I reckognized you.


He even made an account on our forum and I have no idea how he knew of it.

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