Boosted ninjas

There are a lot of boosts in this game, but not for the ninjas.

If a ninja dies, in its place an unit will be spawned. Ninja boosts can be achieved if the alliance will have defense ninja + 25% ninja coins (the requirements to unlock alliance chests and ninja defense will be rebalanced).

Type damage                                                                Unit spawned

Normal                                                                           Knight

Poison                                                                            Mortar

Fire                                                                                 Pyromancer

Ice                                                                                   Froster

Blunt                                                                               Cannon

Stone (petrifies)                                                           Paladin

Piercing*                                                                        Archer or Arblaster


* = not available yet

Or they could just explode upon death. Smokebomb! *koff*koff* :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, maybe there should be shuriken/kunai ninjas for piercing damage. There is no pierce ninjas for some reason (or lightning either).

Yeah, all ninja’s have shurikens, so I’m not sure why we haven’t had this yet. Would make a great add. But to add to the topic of boosted ninjas, it’d be stupid to have ninja boosts, as ninjas are basically a defensive boost already. They each have their own special power, so I’m not really sure what you want to add. Double Damage Ninja? 

why not improve them a little. Flare should switch them time to time. Melee Ninja is cool but can be more cool if Flare can add in the game Ninja who throw shuriken at far distance for a Ranger troops. This way you can destroy more easily a base and have more fun