Boots of kicking

Have a boot that increases the King’s radius in kicking bombs. Any bombs within the King’s radius of 1.5 will be kicked back.


Perk can be forged up to, probably, a radius of 2.

This is a great idea, thanks for suggesting! We will discuss it and see if we can implement that in the game in the future!

This is a worst idea sorry. This boot will make Bomb Tower useless. If you remove the bomb tower what left in the game? Imagine you have work hard on them and forge them at +20,+40 or +60 since many month and suddenly everyone can kick back the bomb so easily. Result? you make maybe 50% or more player base useless and make them restart their base design and all in just with this little add. 

for me this idea its like a bad nerf of Bomb Tower like TC Nerf and you have lost so many player. Think about it carefully if you decide to add this. Think about the consequence :grinning:


I can’t believe my eyes, with all respect Flothaboss, but this is no great idea at all. Why not immediately implement a button, click here to win the raid? 

You could also create something like in Mario games that makes troops plus hero invincible for a short time (no we don’t want it). Please don’t implement such boots, it ruins indeed the bomb towers, plus neutralizes skull towers, so nope, don’t implement it… 

You make a point Jack I forget about the Skull Tower not only with this boot you ruin the bomb tower but also the Skull Tower its true. So just with a pair of boot you scrap the entire game. Because Bomb and Skull will become useless just like that with just a pair of boot. What left after that? player will have a choice to add Arrow Tower,Frost Tower,Snake Tower,Firebolt Tower,Gargoyle Tower and Lighting Tower. For a Tower Defense game we gonna have not much choice for defense. The majority weak in Fire. So just bring Firestorm and Fire Aura Ring with Pyromancer and bingo.

Boots of kicking has a nice ring to it (though I used to throw back bombs quite fine back in the day, before I went all “chaaaarge!”). There should also be Gloves of Throwing so you could throw Kaiser’s stupid lazy ass where he’s needed (thanks for blowing up stuff behind me, mate, stuff in front is of no concern).

I don’t get what the big deal is @Dena4 and @Warriornator . It wouldn’t completely destroy any usefulness for the bomb tower as you both say. The main advantage of bomb towers is long range attacking of troops not near the king; this idea wouldn’t nerf that. Besides, I think there needs to be more incentives to kicking back bombs. More damage, larger kicking range, whatever. 

Simple to answer, yes Bomb Tower and Skull Tower do range bomb but when the Bomb Tower shoot where they shoot? on your troops and near your King , every bomb you receive will be kick back easily without any effort. Just have 60% of speed and this boot and bingo Bomb Tower is useless like Skull Tower. 

Take time to watch when you do your raid, to see where the bomb drop and you will see same without this boot you can kick back like 50%-75% of bomb if you are fast. with this boot can be 100% bomb back.

Maybe some base can have Bomb Tower well placed to throw their bomb and do damage without the king was there to throw them back but still the majority of the base have them placed where the bomb shoot at your King or close. Normally when you raid you advance with your troops. If you don’t care of your troops and advance alone maybe that why you find its a good idea but the majority of player advance the king with the troops



To solve the problem is pretty easy. How you can be sure that everything in 1.50 radius will be thrown back, maybe they can put a 50% luck factor that in that 1.50 range half bombs are thrown and half aren’t  :grinning:

or 25% and if you want more, you need to forge it at +60 or more to obtain 50% and more. Like this its true that solve the problem and maybe make them only available in the last Cave of good crave in dungeon. You want it? then find them at the last dungeon like the poison ring or others stuffs

You could always have an intimidate aura boots, maybe making attacks within the aura (including bombs) do less damage, like Growl’s attack, maybe? Instead of simply kicking them back

When there are boosted bomb towers it’s no big deal, the boots are useless, since hero can already kick back all bombs, even the triple ones. Just activate toxic cloud plus scream, there you go, for boosted bomb towers we don’t need such boots. But ever heard of skull towers?

They are useless then, they are the king amongst the towers, even unboosted. Their strength is firing even when hero is near and still doing gigantic damage when you aren’t careful. With such boots those become totally obsolete and demoted. I never run forward and let a skull tower survive, they are able to destroy any troop, even when hero is near. That’s the big deal. Even with toxic cloud those skull towers are lethal, when being careless. Have you ever faced multiple skull towers firing at your troops? Hard to kick everything back, isn’t it? And most times they reduce your army, if you don’t take appropriate actions. With such a kicking back aura, just stand somewhere in the middle, skull towers are neutralized.  

So nope, no boots with kickback aura for that reason. 

With boosted bomb tower I also don’t leave troops behind, then I raid with wolf and mummy to survive the blows and finish them when I am in their range.

Like I said, I don’t want options that make us lazy and need less skills to beat bases easily. What is fun on that? Such options ruin the game. So I repeat, don’t introduce such things that make us easily win raids. Sorry, but such a kicking option would spoil the game. Game designers should use their head and also feel that this is a bad idea.

It’s called balancing you stupid f#cks!  He said 1.5 radius maybe the correct balancing is only 1.25, maybe it’s 1.20.  But with right balancing it wouldn’t ruin the game.

And why do you think you have the right to throw nicknames Maerique? 

With all respect, you could also have written that you like/support this idea and give additional info why. 

Gotta agree with dena4… little bit over the top there lol

But what you said about balance is true, no one has to take the exact values the OP uses. Tweak those and a lot of ideas that get shot down could be pretty reasonable.

You got it dude! 


One word I can say. Ridiculous. Boots of kicking. Thank you flare, you really don’t have a clue what balancing means. With one item, you decreased boosted bomb towers plus skull towers to less valued towers. 

Let’s wait until we have some experience with this perk before bashing it

Why wait? It’s obvious why most players feel during raids, their army gets destroyed by incoming projectiles from multiple directions and hero can’t kickback them in time. With larger kickback availability how hard can it be to neutralize the projectiles?  Let’s face it, when the boots don’t work, they are worthless, when they work the towers are demoted. What’s next, scissors to cut the basilisc tower before it can become active? 

…except the bomb towers arent incapacitated. They can still shred your army very quickly when you’re not around. And remember that that perk may take up the speed perk, so if someone goes with the boots of kicking, they might be slower.