Boots of kicking

Boots of kicking  the worst idea ever in a game. Its the main reason why I have stop playing this game. Since 3.0.0 with Pro league and other bad stuffs. Now 3.8.0 its totally a joke. I don’t have read all about 3.8.0 but seem now RR2 its totally Pay to win oops I mean Pay to play and no more free to play with Pro boost and other stuffs. Flare totally kill this game for good. They have listen LacunaC and you see the result? I am curious what bad decision Flare will make in 3.9.0? I am curious to see… 

It’s funny because the game literally got less pay to win with this update… Now everyone can get free tickets by just having mini’s. Look at the other threads about it.

Maybe they have drop a little Pay to win feature in Pro league but still to add Pro ticket donating. it’s obvious people will abuse of multi account. Uber Chest make this game full of multi account. Now with Pro ticket you will see more fake multi account. This game is totally a joke now. Last time I have read someone have test and create a new account few week ago. Few year ago you started at 535k now you start at 125k. If you remove all inactives,fake accounts and all. Still what? 20k of player maybe less. I am sure again 3.8.0 will drop down the number of player with so much bad decision like Bomb Kicking Perk, Pro ticket donation and other bad decision. I don’t think this game will reach the 4th anniversary honestly. People stop playing each update.

The only problem is you being banned after using them

So something new happened today.

I got this ring a few days ago:

I started forging and for every forge I did, the new forge % would go down. I started at something like 1.5% and by +7 it was down to 0,4% or something. Nothing new there.

But then I went to forge it to +8 and the new forge% was +3,06% !

I was wondering if this is what usually happens when you forge auras, or is this specific to this ring, or if this was just a bug.

Does anyone know?

i dont knw exactly say it’s having another aura perk for boosts will b great.players can use 2 auras in a single set will b quite helpful