Bought Package, Lost items

I bought the $27.99 CAD package for full granny slot, 3k gems and 5 kaiser, but right before I bought it I filled up my inventory with items that I got from war (the items in chests) and when I bought them, all the things I recently opened including the uber items are gone and replaced with the granny items and I didn’t get any inventory slots for it either. Did anyone else have this problem?

Yes, same here

Items bought from granny seem to get overwritten as some lower items from other chests.

Not 100% sure but I think uberitems and legendary do not get overwritten by the granny gear.

ahh, sucks to find out that when you guys already bought the offer

That’s not right, what if you wanted the rare items or common items and you were waiting to forge them? Flare should’ve been more clear as I spent actual money to get this package. Why do they have to be so god danm greedy and not just give free slots to paying players?!?!?!

Does anyone know if you can get a refund? I don’t care about the gear, gems or kaiser as I didn’t get any slots and the gear is just sub par, as I have much better gear.

Also, if Flare doesn’t give me my 9 slots, I’m never going to spend a single penny ever again, and neither will many others and my alliance either. We’re all really pissed about this after spending real money only to find out it’s not worth it.

Hey guys, 

Thanks for reporting this and apologies for the mix-up. 

We will make sure to investigate it and in the meantime, please, contact our Customer Support about the issue:

Have a good day.

@Archimedes Thank you so much for replying on a weekend.  It is very much appreciated.

To try to help fix this issue, here’s my experience. I offer it because it worked properly for me on an Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0.  I got my chest of gems, five Kaisers, and all the Granny pieces plus new wardrobe slots.

I went through the same thing too, I bought the Granny set and was and still am missing the wisdom scarf level 129 I am still waiting for flare to make it right but it still hasn’t happened even after I sent flare all of the information they requested, typical flare for you they want your money quick but they are slower than evolution when it comes to fixing issues or making things right. UNACCEPTABLE FLARE!!! Get it together and show a little customer appreciation and act like you actually value us players who spend money with you by fixing issues like these in a timely manner you didn’t have to wait for my money!!!