just iff it possible more 12 boulevard and that will be perfect , that how i need to finish my mountain , than it will be perfect and everything on place ! THANKS

For celestial boost 30 there is just enough decorations if you upgrade all of them. Believe me takes a while to get the 70 boulevards to lvl5! :grinning:

no it is not for celestial boost it is just to connect all my bylding i won to finish my mountain to be perfect and most beautiful on the way how i see it 

Hey @CaptainMorgan please can you increase the number counts of every decoration that player can make.

I have some cool deign for my mount olympus but guess what I can only make only 2 Hercules statue,4 Archon obelisk or Titan obelisk,5 Olympian obelisk and list goes on.

Please remove these restriction atleast from decoration items.I am only asking this because I want to decorate mount Olympus in some different way and I need more options.



(P.S.Already crossed prestige level 29 last week.I have made 10 columns of glory but want to build more such structures to decorate mount Olympus)

that will be realy great im also prestige level 29 almost 30 i don’t need for prestige point just for decoration and i miss just 12boulevard to finish my mountain