boycott wars

so much crap now…dont mind upgrading but wars will be crazy with the limited attacks…high lvl kingsare punished again…i vote we boycott next war season


I’ll join you if you’ll end your boycott of HUNS. lololololol.


Da’ gypsy don’t come ‘round no mo’!

100% agree Gypsy!! Thank you for starting this thread.

Everyone should ignore wars and just focus on the upgrading the damn arrow towers that were previously useless. With new rules, trying to upgrade towers without shield during war season is detrimental to alliance anyway, especially for high level Kings and Queens. Absolutely ridiculous and pointless wars now.

ill come soon adju i want to see the father to be

The Arrow towers will only help with this War.  The next one will probably be different boosts.

We should boycott 2 things essentially -

  1. No alliance should extend the stupid arrow tower and mortar boost

  2. No alliance should use shield. (Keeping champion so that players who like grinding can atleast get 20 attacks and not just 10)

agree Boycott!!!

Better boycott buying gems… That will affect flare,and maybe they do something…or they let game die