Bracelet DISAPPEARED after attacking with hero!!! GIVE THEM BACK!!!


Today 5h ago when I was attacking with Prometeus after I won I just checked my items on him and found out that one of my best bracelet was missing. It simply disappeared from hero. THIS IS A BUG. I WANT MY ITEM BACK. I did not forget or lost or nothing. I had 2 awesome bracelets that I was swapping between heroes before attacking. And yes swapping using 2 bracelets that I have for spare in inventory because you don’t let us un equip items. Searching desperate my bracelet that was missing I manage to sell by mistake another one!



Hello WindRider,

Please contact the customer support team here.

Provide them with your current ingame name and when did it happen.

Any additional information about the issue will be welcome!


I did contact customer support and in the mean time I found out what happened. You have a bug on buttons if the user moves too fast.

The pattern is like this: if you equip too fast bracelets the buttons “sell” and “equip” will mess up and you will end up pressing “equip” but the game will sell your item.

This also happens when you open boxes. If you open fast and then push “X” button fast you will end up opening a new box instead.


I want my lost items back because I sold them because your bug and not because I intended to.

Hello WindRider,

Thank you for the heads-up on this.

This kind of issue should not happen with the next version of the game, as you will receive a confirmation pop-up before selling an item. :slight_smile:

Also, please update the support about the issue and they will handle your case.

Thank you for your patience.


Support moved both my requests to “solved” which is not the case. I opened a new one: REQUEST #26431 GIVE BACK MY LOST ITEMS

Hey WindRider,

Answer should  have arrived :grinning:


It did, thank you. :slight_smile: