Brain-Dead Boogie event

this is my first time doing this event. It is similar to the Ninja event.

I am level 85, I reached 30/32 I did all challenges on first try, 3 crowns, victory and yet members of my Alliance have 32/32 scores.

here are some screen shots, as far as I can see, I still have time in the event and 2 more go’s left.

also is there an end challenge villain cinematic? like in ninja? if so could someone give me the name or link it for me please. ty 


Players who have fought 31 or 32 battles means that they didn’t get 3 crowns on 2 of their battles and they redid them in order to attain the extra crown that they missed

oh, so then i am Mission Accomplished then? I think RR2 needs to make an end game boss, like Ninja Apocalypse.

also an end event cinematic :slight_smile:  

Yep, if you’ve beat Haddonfield, you’ve won.  I don’t know why there isn’t a finale vid or something either.  Up til about 6 months or so ago, we only got 30/30 to try to beat the ninjas completely.  If we failed on even ONE board, we couldn’t get the max rewards or even get to the final ship.  After many complaints, they expanded it to give us 2 extra “chances” in case your pet knocked down the gate while you were taking care of the towers or whatever. (that was usually my problem)