Brand New Equipment in this PL!!

Just saw Gala’s post on the next PL. That whole gear set looks spectacular! I wonder if that’s in the next update or festival!!!

i bet new pro gear i’d say as counterpart of the omega set

Where did you see the post?

Just here:


I do not see any new pro gear.  

So cool. I like it. Really a awesome armor set. Nice job Flare. Can we know his Pro bonuse?

I also really like its design

Me too.

From the stats overview of the pro league doesn’t look like it has good bonuses though…sad news. Just usual bonuses.

It’s possible that it’s not Pro Equipment after all, perhaps just special uber items!

The equipments in PL is Vanity only!

It’s been a long time since PL stats has nothing to do with what you wear. Remember we had an Unburial Rites last Shaman Cup? No Swordrain or Skull Bonus perk.

Keep the hope for a new Pro set :slight_smile:

I still cannot see the new set. Still the same set with Zelus ring…