Brand New Quests and New Rewards

Flare has added in so many new features into the game, new troops, new towers, new modes. I seriously think we need a quest for each new troop and tower that are just like the others. And as a special sort of reward, I thought a cool new feature would be to have quests for the Pro League, which would actually get more people interested in it. For instance: Spawn 250 (Bronze), 1,000 (Silver), 10,000 (Gold) troops in the Pro League. Maybe have pro crystals as rewards! Honestly, anything new for quests would be exciting, in my opinion. I just think that having a new type of reward would be cool. Hoping to see quests return in this upcoming update :slight_smile:  

I see something like Be a Pro quest : Bronze (participate in one Pro League) 500 Pro crystral Silver (Participate in 2 Pro League) 1000 pro crystal and so on

Also something like Bronze (buy one Pro Item) 100 crystal Silver (buy 2 Pro items) 200 crystal and so on…

Also something like Bronze (Level up a Pro Pal at level 3) 50 crystal Silver (Level up a Pro Pal Level 5) 100 crystal Gold (Level up a Pro Pal Level 8 ) 200 crystal

and many more

Why not adding a daily quest button

This will have at most 3 quests and one new quest will be added daily.

Completion of these quest will give little rewards like 10 gems or 10000 gold or some xp or some pal treats literally everything like that and some extra points which will be collected in a big chest like Uber , pro , Epic and every chest in game which will cycle randomly

I hope this daily quest will give us one more reason to play and engage ourselves more daily

I already said that

 not quests

Give Daily Quests

  1. Complete 5 battle with paladin

  2. use 50 times spell firestorm.

  3. use bucky pals for 10 fights.

Etc etc etc