Why is there a new bribesystem? So now IF you have a killer defence someone weaker who could not beat it before can now just spend gems to conquer the island? 

Will that appear in the Battle Log?

No Idea 

No one knows. There are some questions about this Update. Maybe @CaptainMorgan is gently enought to give an answer. I would also know, how much the Celestial Boost discount on lvl 30 is. So how much ist the cost on lvl 29 and how much is it on 30?

  1. No it doesn’t appear in the battlelog. You just pay, and the hero you had selected will move to this island. There is also a confirmation to spend the gems.
  2. This means you do not lose anything, but the person wins the island to get the resources. No XP, gold or so is gained when doing so. (This is written in the patchnotes)
  3. The old cost at lvl 30 of Celestial Boosts was 445, now it is 333.

Will a Hero be sent back to Mt Olympus after many gem-Conquered Islands?

I doubt it because they’re not actually your islands and you’re not really being defeated. 

But what happens to those gems that we may spend to conquer an island? The user claim that (30%) or what? 

I doubt it. If you pay to conquer an island. You’re bypassing the defense entirely. 


Was as anyone asking for this feature? I don’t really get it. 

More like people have been crying about monster islands I guess

Is that it? You can probably spam invos on one of them and have it cost the same or less.

Not really, when you are attacking a closely located island most ive seen is 40… Gryphon top island with messed up Poseidon takes around, well, 70 I would guess

And for the newbies with no gems that 30 gem difference is huge

  1. Heroes will not be sent back to Mount Olympus because of someone conquering an island you are on. 5. The defending player will not receive a portion of the Gems.

If heroes will not send to mounth olympus, it is ok for me ?


They’re not actually fighting you when they conquer an island, they’re bypassing the fight completely.