Bring back 94 medal base for all accounts.Its Boring for Top Players now

I request the developers to bring back the 94 medals base for all attack bases. Its not high time yet … even we want to win tournaments being at top and there is no possibility of us winning anymore.Due to this Medal limits your many “Top spenders” are facing the music. I started playing this game because I liked the League Management way back then. But now its all helping lower level players and Time pass players. I personally think there is no fun in Leagues anymore now. I think its time to get back the 94 medal base per attack back.


Leagues play an important role in the game. Bring the leagues back to their old legacy. I request to re-consider the 94 medal base system back as “Diamond League” is now a nightmare for us. Players at lower levels often are making 20k medals in almost 1 day and setting records of 60K odd in 3 days. It is almost impossible for Top 50 players to do that without spending crap load of Gems and Pearls which not all can afford doing every 3 days.Bring us back the Old league mechanic.


Hope my friends and colleague Strong kings in this game support me. Hope we can try getting back the legacy of this game back which the developers removed thinking its bad. I can say for sure the players who went inactive will be back if you get back our Medal base back. Respect your “Top players” also developers.


_ Tip for dev’s _ :- Bring back old Medal system, so that new and free players can buy more gems to compete with us in the leagues. Its not some business tip but its a tip which will make many beginners spend gems instead of playing for FREE.There is no loss if you miss a few Free players from the game.There will be a problem if Money spenders leave the game.The game development needs the spenders.So please do not neglect this. 


Thank you. 

Removing base Madals mean who focus on leagues have high chance to win who focus for gold.

Agree as long as there are no medal rewards for open bases, then it would be pointless. Even so 94 medals per base won’t make it easy to beat those that get 20k a day. 

Bring back the medal base and I can do it DRUM. This game is part of my daily routine now  :sunglasses:

so you got to the top now you wan change the rules to better suit you? hmmmmm. what about the rest of us that are stiil climbing the latter. you contradicted yourself vasishtanagalla.

I think having Base Medal is bad.

  • High level player need more food that mean have less match than low level player.

  • Higher medals mean harder to win if have base medal mean who always seek weak base have high chance to win the league than who seek strong base.

  • Why let who focus on gold have more chance to win the league?

why is there no facebook invite option anymore?

Constant medals per base? That sounds like a good idea for someone who has tons of free food…

This will only make windows user suffer a lot more

Bring it back! Except for open bases

However, recently the diamond league records are set by top 10 players only?

I changed my mind recently and think “0” medals for easy to beat bases is a good approach.

Top ten players that are bored, there is that much stripping and dumping going on as well as the need to scroll to beat any high level base that they are entertaining themselves whilst they wait for a fix, with the amount of battles they have to win to get those high scores many other players would push them close. if they did the same