Bring back my DEFENSE?

Ok… so I have built my towers to max level. I have forged them over and over and over. THEY ARE USELESS? The game has nerfed the defenses so badly that I wonder why I even spent time and pearls on my towers?


Towers that are maxxed out and forged should actually do damage!!

Just sayin…


Yeah, in my last few days, I came to realize that I never won any defenses anymore. It does indeed seem like the towers were nerfed too far. Of course, I’ll have to test this out when I come back, and see just how bad it’s gotten, but you’re right, the game is indeed a tower defense game and it shouldn’t be made so much easier for players. Flare made it easy enough when they introduced the pals

I wonder if they have been reducing them in prep for the upgrade. Towers that took 3 spells 2 weeks ago, go down with 1 now. Rather Frustrating for those of us that have spent a lot on the defense part!! … of the TOWER DEFENSE GAME…???

That is possible. It would be helpful if you could show a video of the uselessness of the towers. Just so that I can kinda get the feel for what you are describing. If you could show the range of the towers too, that’d be helpful

@GalaMorgane can we get confirmation of any tower nerfs? Would be much appreciated, many thanks :grinning:  

My firebolts are at max level. have range over 23,  health over 9000,  and fire rate over 23. That SHOULD actually cause damage? Plus they are boosted by the pro boost? 

Those are forged amounts … over the actual amounts of the max level

Ready for the update so i can return my towers to whatever the new max level is…lol

This will be fixed with 4.0 :slight_smile:

Agreed, all my skrull towers are max forge, all my light max forge, all unite max, still no Metter what defense crap

??i have around 100 max forged towers, barricades, spikes and etc


if you have everything in ypur defense max forged does it mean none can beat it with max forged spells and troops? I doubt and i dnt know the right answer

It also is the opposite - I never win if somebody attacks me, but I also never lose if I attack somebody. It seems that every attack is a success - independent on which side of the wall you are standing.

Not orko, i dnt agree. Many are fails in my base.

but i agree, seems the max forged spells and troops now is easy to get and many free players reached them.

so defenses are easy now

I think flare can nerf elite boost at high level, because in low level elite boost @ low level alliance, maxed snake and skull tower still had an effect even with maxed spells and troops.




It’s not that “max upgraded, max forged and max boosted defenses” are crap. They’re not.

The problem is that the attacker also has max upgraded+forged+boosted troops and spells. And good pals. And good items.

Right now there are hundred of free players with maxed offense. Any free player who has been playing for over an year will have the most important spells and troops maxed and with good forges (+60 at the very least) so he’ll have a shot at beating any defense with equal amount of forges.

Just wait and see what happens when they take the towers away from the gate area in update also. Defense will be even weaker.

Ah, pfff, that won’t do a thing. Gate towers VERY RARELY killed the king and maybe prevented one or two trophies from being lost and 20k gold at the most. The Gate Towers being taken away wouldn’t end up hurting defenses that much. I think what flare should do, in that situation, though, is to take away gate towers, but buff the damage on the gate

Simple solution. Remove the pals. Its the pal who have scrap defense and balance. Before 3.0 defense was insane and only the one who had forge their stuffs was able to win the others failed. Now its again the same but the success rate in defense is really low. I have make a video just with the pal you don’t need any troops or use any spells. Just the pal at level 8+ do the job whatever you face tower level 10+

I have rebuild the same pattern and layout than my previous account who have bring me 700 gems a week. Now with the same I stop rarely players but my base is unboosted so I don’t know. I cannot compare much

the only solution. Remove the pals from the game. problem solve


Still plenty failing my base (forge is averaging about +100), lots of success.

The issue isn’t strength of defence, it’s that even if I had super strong defence, the rewards for it are nothing.  Gem gain is tiny (1 gem for every 7 used when attacking, so Flare is sucking 85% of offence gems out of the system), and gold loss happens anyway (the first person getting 10% through my base will get most of the available gold, with less and less for anyone else), trophies are manipulated (I hover around 5100-5400 without anyone pushing me).

  • defence is only OP if it’s balanced with war gear and skull perks, where lots of lvl 130 kings are either failing my defence, or using lots of gems, which is why Skull Perk should be a separate component to regular perks (or we’ll always be facing the issue of bases being easy outside of war, and impossible in war, leading to player frustration and less likely to do alliance attacks).

I don’t think I’ve been killed by a gate tower in ~6 months, they are only there to reduce the war skull rewards slightly.

Hell no! Never remove the pals from the game, it’s the only thing that made attacking worth it. It’s so much harder and attacking with pals still is hard!

Of course at level 80+ the pal make a big difference but I means more the pals have scrap totally the defense for Level 1 to 79 players. Sadly my few video make on it are not on my Youtube Channel right now but if one day I can upload them. I will show what I means. Just alone with pals you destroy all. Need nothing. You can keep your units at level 1 and spells at level 1 but just focus to up your pals like Kaiser at level 8 or 9 and bingo. Close your eyes and destroy all in few seconds and reach the gate with over 1 minute 20 seconds

the pals stop destroy the balance just when you reach level 80 where you start to face really tough base. But again its just my units and spells who stay behind too much, If my Monk was level 6+ and forged just summon Monk and use Kaiser and bingo. No need to cast units or spells. 

If you was in RR2 before 3.0 have arrive and started before this update. Veteran remember how hard was the game before the pals. Now its just too much easy. In my defense the majority use only Monk and 1 or 2 spells. No need much. Where is the skill? no more there. the pal do the job.

Hope 4.0 have make changement about this and reinforce defense to counter pals