Bring Back Old War schedule

It’s good that you have added new content,  but with war now so infrequent it has made the game boring, plus the event is far too short for us to all benefit from. 

I suggest that war returns to the old schedule,  and that ninja and event alternates between wars.


I prefer how it is now

I also like the way it is now more. Ninja quest is optional, so players can decide to participate or not. There is no ‘must’ fight like some teams have as rule during war seasons. Events at least are announced a long time before it starts, so you can hold some reckon with it. That they are now only a day is questionable, but for me no problem.

But don’t you think war gives the team a goal also if your alliance unlucky enough to lose war it’s a long time without those boosts. war  is far from perfect it could be improved so that we don’t have to fight on so many fronts. 

Nope, it’s better how it is now because it has more variety. A lot of people complained about the game being monotonous on the old schedule, and also how sometimes the game demanded a lot of time from you because wars were more frequent.


This is a nice topic to do a poll on. The fact that many people complained about the war schedule does not mean that there was no one that did not like the war schedule.

After many considerations I have decided to join a warring alliance (that is an alliance with long term vision and that is geared and focus to fight wars) and these long stretches are becoming a really big frustration. It feels like everyone is under water holding their breath waiting for the seconds to tick of till Friday. The other thing that I have noticed is that there is not really any participation or excitement in the ninja event from our alliance members. 

I will make a prediction: This new schedule feels like a good thing but it is going to kill the game in the next 3-6 months unless the ninja event is radically improved. (Well talk and predictions are cheap, Lets wait and see)





Probably this schedule will get boring in the long term too just like wars did.

your alliance members should anticipate and plan for the Ninja event, it gives your alliance “that is focused on war” another troop and another advantage to use in your war.