Bring back the dungeon petition

Bring back the dungeon, so “weaker” players can have a chance to win some leagues.

We don’t need farm tokens.

If we want to save some bread we have farm gear and farm boosts.

This is ridiculous


Just 3 food for 1087 medals, is this real. I hope I am not in your league or anyone in your level, I cant imagine players who can only get 34 medals/battle who are progressing.

I am in for bringing back dungeon quests but without medals.

Talk about an exploit lol. Good grief, please tell me how this change is better than the “dungeon exploit”. At least the medal to bread ratio was somewhat reasonable. 3 bread for 1k medals is 1000x worse

Exactly, imagine working hard to get 30k to 40k over two days for mid level players and in the last half a day or few hours before the league ends one high level player activates farm token, 3 food for 1000 medals gets 50k or more in a few hours and wins the league. (It can be done earlier too, but now its even faster with less time and food)

haskialen appreciate your post very much and agree with you 100%. Thank you.


haski … I agree with you, it’s much harder for weak players to win the league.

One of the problem is that you must literally raid people (in my case, strong people in strong teams) 

And that works fine until you get caught up by some people eager to revenge. Then you will be.raided by his whole team and you can just watch trophies go down,and  you worked for months to raise them up.

If you ask me, I think that last few updates benefits only Flare because this updates are aiming to , that you must spend more and more gems if you want to be competitive.

That’s actually what I like more about this.

I have some friends that almost exclusively leveled up in the dungeons, some even got to lv130 like that.

The result of this is that they never learned how to beat 4500+ trophy defenses so it’s impossible for them to reach the top 2 ninja tiers (5050 and 5300).

Dungeons are now blocked. That will force players to start attacking other players, which will increase the average raiding skills of RR2 players.

A lot of these posts are about

  1. How are weaker players supposed to survive against high level players.
  2. Flare forcing players to buy/spend GEMS to be competitive

What’s lost is that high level players built up their accounts to reach a specific point so they too should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. What is the point of having spent time and effort to get a high level account and then compete on equal footing with a low to mid level player?

Whether or not that player built up their account using gems or good old fashioned hard work is not the point. Players that buy gems are actually helping to support the company and its product. Players can buy gems but that doesn’t make them good raiders. 

  • Imagine going to your boss at work and demand that everyone on the team should have the same opportunity to earn the top bonus at the end of the year regardless of their skill level or qualifications. That doesn’t work in real life nor should it apply here as well.

Diamond Leagues (or any league) is filled with players of all different levels.  I just checked my DL and with 13 hours and 20 minutes to the leader has only 21k medals and guess what it’s my account that’s in the lead.  Outside of 10+ raids I made today testing my combo, I’ve spent the rest of the time farming for pearls and earning about 37 medals each time. The fact that I am even in the lead shows that there are DLs out there that can be won.

If you have a hard diamond league, wait until the next one.  They reset every 3 days (from what I last recall). Stuck with the same player over and over?  Change the time in which you login to RR2 upon completion of the DL.  

Perfect example, Leagues should be won by raiding.  Not by ‘gaming’ the system just for medals to earn gems.  The game is not played just to earn gems by raiding a computer AI generated dungeon. 

Flare has done a lot the past 2-3 years to speed up the progression of low to mid level players.  In the first 2 years of the game, there were no discounted gem packages.  No events to complete various upgrades in only 2 days.  No decreased dungeon digging times.  None of those existed in the game.  All of these came about to help the low and mid level players catch up.

Oh and one more thing to consider. The changes made now are to remove exploits by players.  This closes the loophole for automated exploits of dungeons that existed.  And if you didn’t know they existed, tons of bots/scripts/cheats out there for people to farm for medals.

If you don’t want to bring back dungeons back.

Then make a league of players having same trophies lvl. Mean 1000 to 1199 trophies players are in one league. 1200 to 1399 trophies players in one league and so on

Or you can go with player lvl. Mean players lvl 105 are gone in the same league and with others same. 

If this is not possible then bring back dungeons

Don’t give advantage to higher lvl players. 


No thanks to both ideas lol

i think for the league it will be the best to have an better matchmaking (player rank included)

… now some little players play against endlevel in the same league

… then all of a range fight against

… to the main topic:

when the dungeon open again then the usage have to be limited for all … 6 times / day maybe

then all can use it but its not really a aventage

Lumping players with similar trophies together can be exploited so easily. I can just drop all my trophies, but that doesn’t affect the strength of my offense. I can still continue to fight any of the top 10 bases with 1k medal while being in competition with low trophy players.


It renders medal bonus illusory too. 'Oh nice you are top 100, here’s 10% medal bonus to you. You will be grouped with everyone else who also has the 10% medal bonus".


Lumping players with similar level is worse. It’s no longer ‘congratulations, you leveled up!’. It’ll be ‘oh no, my condolences, you leveled up’. Levels will be a liability for players when it’s supposed to be an advantage.


Randomly placing players together is the fairest way since everyone is competing for the same reward. If you are still getting 34 medals per raid, it means you are way below your trophy range. It could mean that either your defense is so horrible that you keep losing trophies or your offense is so horrible that you keep losing raids. In either scenario, you don’t deserve to win the league then.

Randomly placing a bicycle rider (34 medals) and high end sports car rider (1000 medals)  in a track for the same reward is fair, but pairing up players in the same experience level is unfair. My brain cant comprehend logic today, something is wrong with me.

Yup. something is wrong with you.

Also sign up a petition to take away the gem that low mid players get from the house near silo, its totally unfair to give them 1 gem per day, it would be even fair and your highness will be happy. Just joking dont take it serious I mean really.

Hey Surviva and LacuncaC, no sarcasm and personal insults, please.

@LacunaC we are lucky that we can beat the top players but there are many growing player fot that is to win a league a real victory 

When we want new players ingame at the moment the league system is frustrating

we all know that 1 gems is not much …

better then nothing, and keen is working on rewards … now boxes at update/mainteance

… maybe in future you get 2-5 gems a day ? for beginners that will be a big step