Bring back the freedom of attack launch.

I’m okay with this feature on certain occasions such as some players may start random battles it can prevent that, but there are a lot of problems that comes with it.

  1. Promoting everyone to sergeant can backfire if one or more sergeants decides to build a tower somewhere unwanted or worse upgrade a tower which is not required.

  2. Leaders /generals/ sergeants can’t be everywhere in the map to declare war to prevent opponents from attacking towers that are far,  obviously there will be many battles, this current system forces us to promote players to sergeants not based on trust or their capability to understand the situation but because there is no other way or the opponent has promoted everyone to sergeants.

  3. Promoting during conquest and demoting after conquest is not good. Demoting a player most times is equal to losing the players confidence in the team and his interest in the conquest.

  4. There are times we need to pin/stop certain players from joining a battle, because stopping certain players can decide the fate of a tower. This is something no one can predict the time or when its gonna happen, so this also forces us to promote players to sergeants. (the anti pinning feature prevents from exploiting the pin feature, balancing the pin move to be used once/no pin loop)

  5. Its easy to say promote everyone to sergeants, I say why stop with sergeants instead try promoting everyone to general rank to ease the burden of existing generals and see how things goes, players will build towers anywhere, activate boosts without considering the alliance gold, research without any thought, upgrade alliance level/ stronghold buildings when funds are low. Promoting/demoting there are lot of things that go into it. Its just a barbaric thought process to kick/demote/promote on a whim without any consideration and understanding.

Just introducing a new rank between sergeant and soldier would solve the problem or the option to grant who can start/join and who cant a battle during conquest or introducing a rank say like explorers/scouts whose job is only to explore the map.

Leader (attack/join a battle/build tower/research/upgrade buildings/activate boosts etc)

General (attack/join a battle/build tower/research/upgrade buildings/activate boosts etc)

Sergeant (start an attack/join a battle/build tower/assign troops)

Soldier (start an attack/ join a battle)

Explorers (only exploring & can defend when attacked but can’t join or start wars)


Something similar can be done to make things less stressful and more manageable. This is my take on this new feature.

Change it back to how it was before. Such a s t u p i d change

What we did is indeed promote nearly all of our players to counter it, and also to unburden a bit the generals. I’ve also the feeling it’s less action packed this season, well there are still 2 days.

Problem solved ?


New changes in this 5.0 update:

  • the changes made to the time multiplier means that SV is clearly harder to get = pins take longer and you need less players to successively pin opponents = pinning was buffed

  • the minimum time to repin is 1h (instead of 3h) and the max time is 3h (instead of whatever) = easier to repin opponents = pinning was buffed


What is the cost of this? Well, the cost is that soldiers can’t start wars anymore, so they can’t pin, so all you have to do is promote soldiers to sargeants. That’s it.


However, pinning is still one of the biggest problems with Conquest… and it was buffed. So the problem itself just got worse than it was in the last Conquest.

I am very doubtful that Flare’s solution to balance this problem was enough. I don’t think it is a good long-term solution to this problem.

There are probably still many that don’t even know that soldiers can’t declare

Thats sad that it is indeed a “problem” like you say…

The new meta is now “who has more sergeant is more likely to win” because the alliance is more versatile.

I’d rather say that pinning was nerfed: soldiers can’t pin anymore and since the war tile block, bigger alliance can’t be stopped steamrolling the others

  and worst off all is that there is no more movement CL… I can’t agree with you.

I do not see pinning as a problem.   It is a legitimate tactic in the real world and in games.  

As for your first post,  you do not want a soldier to break a treaty?  You are one of those?  

I don’t really care much about it, but in my experience, I’m in the minority here.

I’ve lost hours trying to convince people that a misguided attack done by a soldier means nothing and mistakes happen, but some people just don’t want to understand it.

I am happy for the pinning changes. Not so happy for the attacking changes but it isn’t turning out as badly as I first thought it would.

Yeah, it helps patch up a few mistakes that previously would’ve happened while under a treaty. However, the Conquest is much less active now with fewer wars going on

I am not really into treaties.  Besides, soldiers should know what to do or learn quickly what to do it they want to be promoted.    Sometimes those people just want a reason to break treaties but they offer them just to get what they want then break them.  

I would agree a better way would be to use the assignment button for soldiers to get them to go attack.  


We promoted everyone… Put it back the way it was… 

I once chose “other” because nobody complained about this new restriction in our alliance ?. For me personally, the conquest was not better or worse with it! but just as boring as always!

I chose “other” because it was very frustrating last conquest. We had several of our usual soldiers who usually could start battles, yet couldn’t, get promoted to sergeant as a “temporary promotion”. Once it seemed clear that the alliance “won” first place, all temporary promotions were removed, so those soldiers were offended…of course. Promoting during conquest isn’t a good thing, whether or not a general/leader trusts those players…unless it is a promotion that will be a permanent thing. 

This change to where only sergeants and above can start battles also saw less participation in the alliance than previous conquest seasons, simply because there was nothing for those players to do. The alliance ended up in chaos, and many players left. It is now in the process of rebuilding, and hopefully won’t have too many issues after that last conquest season. 

Please restore battle privileges to soldiers as they, too, are a valuable part of an alliance, and when trusted by the leadership, can and will do what is requested of them during conquest season, even if mistakes happen. After all, players are human, not perfect, and are playing an online game where systems run a bit sluggish sometimes (as do orders/requests for movement).