bring back the troop shapes to the game !

we want to get back the troops shapes , just a picture of the troop weapon/body is really ugly and not good at all , having 3D sculptures for the troops is alot better !!

we already have 3D structure my friend :slight_smile:

I’m a windows user , it doesn’t show 3D structure after the update , it’s now just a picture but it used to show 3D before the update…

I am windowsphone user too. I think depends on the model of the phone, in one of my friend’s phone too the 3D structure of the troops aren’t shown. But it shows on my phone .

it seems that you didn’t update your game …

am a windows phone player had the same effect on mine when I updated I lost the 3d troops and now there just pics of there weapons the base is still 3d I dnt no why its happen special when the update only gave me a link fb not worth it I prefer the old 3d style of troops too I wouldn’t care if we received vids and free boosts but just for a link to fb pointless I can log on fb quite easily without it

For some devices not too good, they didn’t put the 3d troop and its animation for RAM thing; so it doesnt hurt your phone / tablet memory so much. Who has a better phone / tablet / computer will have the 3d troops animations because they can support easily it.

I don’t think that’s the case , I have some good phones , but it’s the same for all , and also my phone used to run it perfectly without any lag , I don’t know why they did this

Well, that’s what Flaregames claims. Possibly, also, it depends on the quality of your video card, your processor, etc, not just your memory. However, I remember this happening to me over a year ago on Android. 

you may very well be right , thanks !

they most probably set a threshold…for example all devices with less than 1GB ram must have only the image of the troops and not the animation. So maybe even if you have all the rest good components but the main thing not good you may have that fact. I’m just trying to guess

my phone has 1 GB , I just tested the game on an android tablet also with 1 GB , on the tablet it’s showing 3D structures but my phone not , there is still something missing…

I like both (2D and 3D):

  • The new 2D less Ram setting does run a lot cooler and the battery last a lot longer. So this is good.

  • When looking at the base - things look less impressive with the 2D and sometimes I miss the 3D.

Why not give us an option in the settings, “3D view” vs. “2D view”. Then I can choose what best fits me. Most games has this feature. I really find it very difficult to accept that Flare thing that 1 size will fit all. That time for software is long gone. Going forward with this idea why not add options to:

  • Set the feedback effects during game play. Shaking etc.

  • Set the level of detail of the 3D characters. (Less detail - more battery life and more devices will support this)

  • Set option to see the base more in a 2D view (Less detail - more battery life and more devices will support this)

  • Set option to skip the chamber of fortune. I really hate this sculls with hats laughing at me every single battle. 

  • Etc.